List Of The Best Furniture and Home Decor Online Stores in Australia

When you outgrow the fashion and makeup phase of a gal’s life, most of us then proceed to decorate our homes with beautiful items that make our hearts glow.

Making our nest comfortable and beautiful is now pretty easy as more and more home decor shops are popping up, with everyone’s taste in mind. So if you are into modern, Hampton’s style, vintage or anything in between, there will be gorgeous home decor shops just for you. We have put together a list of the ones you probably already know about, and some smaller, boutique and bespoke home decor providers that might just have that perfect piece you have been looking for.

1. Adairs

You are probably already fairly familiar with Adairs. It is located in many of the major shopping centres around Australia. Adairs has gorgeous manchester for bedrooms. Their sheets and quilt covers are to-die-for and they are starting to get into furniture. They even have a PET section now! If you are looking for kids home decor, they have a huge range.

Perfect for: Established homeowners or renters who want to buy quality products to enhance their living.

2. Bed Bath and Table

Discover their range of bed linens, towels, throws, cushions, dinnerware, decorator, among others that’s sure to fit your goals of a nice comfortable home you’ve been dreaming about.

Perfect for: Families who want comfort and class.

Shop Quilt Covers3. Fantastic Furniture

Fantastic Furniture is a discount furniture retailer that is located all over Australia. They specialise in living room furniture, bedding, rugs and dining tables. They are best known for their ‘Package Deals’ which involve buying a whole room of furniture at one price, which is perfect for newbies moving out of the home.

Perfect for: Student, new couples getting started, people on a strict budget.

4. Freedom Furniture

Freedom Furniture has over 65 locations across Australia. They offer good quality furniture at a good price. They focus on living room furniture (sofa and lounge suites), rugs, coffee tables and armchairs.

Best Bits:

They offer 60 months interest-free finance.
All their furniture has a two-year warranty period

I would LOVE this lounge suite… sigh…

5. Amart Furniture

Amart Furniture has been around for 40 years and supply discount furniture at great prices. They focus on lounge room furniture, bedrooms, kids and office.

Perfect for: Discount shopper, the newly ‘out of home’ person.



6. Zanui

Zanui is a purely online home decor and furniture supplier with a beautiful range for every room in the house! All products are stylish and high quality.

Perfect for: The online shopper that wants quality at a great price.

7. Vast Furniture and Homewares

Vast Furniture and Homewares offer furniture made from recycled materials that aren’t boring. Everything is handmade and hand finished. Much of their furniture has a very ‘Asian’ flair with loads of colours.

Perfect for: People who care about where their furniture is made and the materials it is made from.

8. Early Settler

Early Settler has a selection of vintage, classic, French Provincial and Colonial style furniture, tapware, kitchens and home decor. They also have outdoor and garden furniture, and gorgeous beds, dining room tables and chandeliers.

Perfect for: Lovers of vintage style furniture with old-style charm.

harbourne queen bed | Stay at Home Mum

9. The Home

The Home is an online home decor and furniture supplier that is part of the Catch Group (you know, Catch of the Day?). They have daily deals which are fantastic for a deal, and you can buy literally any home decor as it is priced reasonably well.

Perfect for: Established homeowners that want to decorate without spending a fortune.

10. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is an up-market furniture and home decor supplier offering the very best of everything. Their quality and range are impeccable, and I seriously drool just looking at their website. Now I haven’t actually bought anything from them as I am way too poor, but if I won the lotto, my whole house would be Pottery Barn.

Perfect for: People who want quality and are willing to pay for it.


11. Temple & Webster

Whether you like fresh coastal look or Scandinavian style for your home, Temple & Webster has it for you. They also have cool, classic and contemporary designs that you may also want.

Perfect for: People who love Scandinavian style homes.

12. Williams-Sonoma

Williams-Sonoma offers the best in cookware or everything about cooking and the kitchen. From the interested beginner to the experienced professional, they know what you need.

Perfect for: Everyone who loves to cook!

13. West Elm

Affordability and style are what makes West Elm popular among those who want modern and contemporary furniture for their rooms.

Perfect for: Those who want to go easy on their wallets.

14. April & Oak Ltd

Australian-owned April & Oak offers unique home decor, furniture, lighting and rugs that are stylish and sure to impress your guests.

Perfect for: Couples who love stylish and unique items to complement their extraordinary lifestyle.

15. Matt Blatt

Matt Blatt is the place to go for everything modern, elegant and contemporary. So whether it’s your home, apartment or a commercial space, they got you covered.

Perfect for: People who want modern style homes, apartments or commercial spaces.


16. The Block Shop

You may have a piece of the extravagant designs as shown in the TV show, The Block, through their shop. You may copy their unique styles and transform your home and wow your guests.

Perfect for: Couples who dare to be different.

17. Amara

For lovely and easy home solutions, Amara offers stylish, sophisticated, and stunning piece sure to make your dream home come true.

Perfect for: People who want designer style into their homes.

18. Brosa Furniture

At Brosa Furniture, it’s about functional, comfortable and stylish furniture at affordable prices.  They make sofa’s to order and they are extremly reasonably priced with every colour you can think of!

Perfect for: Those who want comfortability and style for a low cost.

19. Living Styles

Living Styles is all about innovative homeware and furniture. They’ve got an impressive collection of bar stools, bunk beds, TV units, bedroom furniture, replica furniture, lighting, rugs and more.

Perfect for: People who want their every nook and cranny looking spot-on.

20. Whiteport

If you love whites, Whiteport has everything white that you need in your home. It’s centred around a stylish white palette that’s why their products are simple, timeless and will complement just about any colour you want.

Perfect for: People who love whites!


21. Icon By Design

Icon By Design meets your expectations of a simple and elegant home with its carefully handcrafted classic and Scandinavian style pieces at a fraction of the cost.

Perfect for: People who want affordable classic furniture.

22. Safari Living

For unique pieces inspired by the philosophy of “going on safari,” Safari Living offers an extraordinary “collection of interior textiles, homewares and furnishings by emerging and established designers.”

Perfect for: Those with unique taste in home decor.

23. Urban Couture

If you’re looking for modern yet simple pieces for your home, office or commercial space, Urban Couture has the finest range of furniture, homeware, lighting, bed and bath, and rugs, that will suit your fancy.

Perfect for: Those who want a modern style for their home.

24. Humble Home

Humble Home offers beautiful pieces of classic French styling, Industrial warehouse living, Hamptons chic or Relaxed Farmhouse style, to its customers who believe classic and timeless pieces make up a lovely home.

Perfect for: Those looking for casual elegance for their home.

25. Wheel & Barrow Homewares

Australian-owned homewares retailer Wheel&Barrow offers a wide range of bakeware, barware, cookware, drinkware, serving ware, kitchenware, home decor and even outdoor pieces that are innovative and unique.

Perfect for: People who aim to entertain their guests as they step into their home.


26. Houzz

Whether it be classic or modern style of home, Houzz got the products you’ve always wanted. Plus their team of professionals will help you achieve your dream home.

Perfect for: People starting to build their new home.

27. Your Home Depot

For world-class kitchenware, cookware, home appliances, bakeware, kitchen knives and more at affordable prices, Your Home Depot has it for you.

Perfect for: Those looking for the best deals in pieces for their home.

28. Eureka Street Furniture

A furniture shop that offers great craftsmanship, high quality and modern style, Eureka Street Furniture has the right furnishing that will suit your taste.

Perfect for: Those who want pieces for their home that will last for decades.

29. Life Interiors

Designer furniture at a fraction of the price is what Life Interiors offer to its customers. Be it modern or classic, their products are a cut above the rest.

Perfect for: People who want designer furniture at reasonable prices.

30. French Knot Design

An Australian-based and owned online homeware and home decor store, French Knot Design knows what you need. With its over 1,500 products from local and overseas suppliers, there’s definitely one that would fit your home.

Perfect for: People who want to go furniture shopping in the comforts of their home.


31. Design Stuff

Design Stuff is where Scandinavian and Nordic home designs come together with their carefully curated collection of contemporary home decor, artwork, toys and more.

Perfect for: People living the modern lifestyle.

32. Papaya

Papaya specialises in contemporary and timeless design — simple yet elegant.

Perfect for: People who want simple furniture and home decor.

33. Honey Jackson

Make your house a home with Honey Jackson’s collection of lovely pieces for your home. From furniture for your home, artwork, lighting to pots and planters, they have what you need.

Perfect for: People who want to be creative in their own personal space at home.

34. Curio

All created by hand, the amazing products found at Curio is made with passion. They also have timeless Danish designs in products that you can own or give as a gift.

Perfect for: People who appreciate “imperfectly perfect” handcrafted pieces for their home.

35. Kitchen Warehouse

Kitchen Warehouse is the go-to place for everything about cooking and the kitchen. Plus they also have some nice pieces for your bathroom, bedroom, and even outdoor.

Perfect for: People who are passionate about their kitchen.


36. Harpers Project

Harpers Project is a family owned business started in 2014.  Their furniture lines have a Scandinavian design with stylish handmade timber and marble pieces.

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