Halloween Costumes for Babies and Toddlers

mother and baby cut a pumpkin for Halloween in the kitchen at homeRight after Labor Day has come and gone, as soon as all the Back-to-School displays come down, out pops Halloween and Fall décor complete with costume ideas and a million items labeled “pumpkin spice.” Technically, this means we moms have had almost two months to put together an absolutely precious costume for our child’s Halloween. Right?

Among moms, there are the planners – those women who have had Halloween costumes made or ordered since summer time after they researched the perfect one on Pinterest, Etsy or Amazon. Then there are the rest of us. So if you’re sitting here, wondering what you can find in a week that will make the perfect Halloween costume for your little one, we are here for you!

Some moms want DIY options and ideas. Others cringe at the word “homemade” and prefer Google, a few clicks through a website and an already-assembled costume that shows up on your doorstep two days later. Whichever way you prefer — we have some costume ideas to create a picture-perfect Halloween for your baby or toddler!

Fun and Food Fads:  It turns out that some of the more popular costumes for your little one are some of the things that we moms love for ourselves! Some of this year’s popular costumes include dressing your little one as a sushi roll, a frothy Starbucks treat, or else a yummy donut. Food items are trending high, and you can find Heinz onesies so your baby can either go as ketchup or as mustard; a hamburger onesie complete with lettuce and tomato or a precious popcorn treat that simply involves a onesie and a hat. For your little princess, make her a delectable cotton candy treat, by using a ballet leotard, a pink tulle tutu and some batting fabric or pink cotton.

Four-Legged Friends – and More:  Children love animals so it’s no wonder that these continue to be hot ticket items for Halloween. The choices range from farm friends like sheep, cows, pigs and horses to polar bears and penguins to zoo animals like elephants, lions, zebras and more. And though they don’t roam the earth, we can’t forget the unicorns and dinosaurs that continue to be fan favorites. If you go this route, you can find a plethora of toddler and baby animal costumes on websites like Amazon, Target, Walmart, Etsy and more. If you’re a Pinterest-happy mommy, you’re probably thinking about how you can make your little one’s costume this year – all starting with the right onesie or tee-shirt. Use a white onesie as the perfect starting point for puppies, kittens, cows or sheep. Black is the base for skunks, penguins, a little ladybug or bumble bee. Choose pink and you are looking at a pig or a flamingo while green or blue are the colors for dinos or dragons. Felt becomes your new best friend as you create spots or leaves, stems or stripes or you can use tulle and feathers. Anything you need to create the perfect animal costume can be found at your local fabric or crafts store and finalized with a hot glue gun!

Crop Crazy:  As we explore the variety of baby and toddler Halloween costumes, a popular trend is things that grow in the ground! It wouldn’t be Halloween if you didn’t see a cute baby or toddler pumpkin (almost as wide as they are tall) or a strawberry, an apple or a banana. If you want to be a bit more original, let your little one be a pineapple, sporting green tights and a yellow onesie with hood. Or, your baby can be a carrot, dressed in an orange and leggings paired with a green tulle headpiece. You’ll be promoting good health and absolute cuteness all at the same time!

Tried and True Traditional:  As new Halloween costume ideas are introduced each year, some things never go out of style. A precious little baby witch, a tough toddler football player, a cute cowboy in baby denim and plaid, a princess ballerina or magical fairy in a wave of tulle and tutu . . .  these steal the show – or the costume contest – and still make for memorable Halloweens!

Whether you go with a classic costume or a new trend, whether you make it yourself or buy it ready to go, we hope these ideas will give you everything you – and your little one – need to have the happiest of Halloweens!    

Happy Parenting!

Beware of cuteness! Be sure to check out these sites for adorable Halloween ideas:

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