Modern Family Kills Off “Major Character” and Fans Are Outraged

Fair warning: this post contains a Modern Family spoiler.

Whether or not it's a major spoiler is a matter of some debate.

Modern Family's co-creator promised that, in Season 10, a character of significance would die.

On Wednesday night's episode, that happened … sort of.

See (and here's the spoiler), the "major character death" was DeDe, Jack's ex-wife, the mother of both Mitchell and Claire.

DeDe is not a main character — she's just related to a bunch of them.

She did not appear in even a guest role in Season 3, Season 5, or Season 6.

Modern Family fans took to Twitter to express their outrage over all of that hype having been built up for nothing.

1. Modern Family killed a character

Modern family generic cover image

Don’t worry — it’s not anyone you know. It’s DeDe.

2. Here is DeDe, in case you forgot

Dede with son and sil

Here she stands beside her son and her son-in-law

3. People did a double take

Modern family death reaction tweet 01

When you hear “major character death,” you expect to AT LEAST recognize the name immediately

4. Fans called bull

Modern family death reaction tweet 02

Of course, we’re glad that the lead actors kept their jobs, but still …

5. This is a great reaction image

Modern family death reaction tweet 05

Nobody has time to get worked up over an occasional guest character’s death

6. This person warned their own followers

Modern family death reaction tweet 03

That’s a spoiler, but maybe not the kind that people cared about

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