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This report comes from Illinois and occurred just this past summer. A father-daughter team of habitual sky gazers witnessed an enormous bird with a body that appeared to be about 6 feet in length flying through the sky. Its wingspan was so great it had little need to do more than glide. While encounters such as this are awe inspiring, other experiences with winged creatures are terrifying. Nick Redfern gets busy Profiling the U.K.’s “Mothmen�. There is a rich and frightening history of flying cryptids in Britain, including an Owlman, a pterosaur, and a griffin (might want to stay out of the pubs folks). Some witnesses fell victim to misfortune following their sightings and prayed they would never encounter such a beast again. So while cultural perceptions may impact these encounters with the strange, they remain all too similar to US Mothman experiences. (CM)

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