#BeerGoesNuts: Planters’ Mr. Peanut Is Now Available in a Craft Beer


Mr. Peanut Beer

Talk about a brand extension: Planters’ Mr. Peanut is going about as far as he can go in a new test by Kraft Heinz Co.

The company is partnering with Noon Whistle Brewing to introduce a craft beer inspired by Planters snack nuts. The craft-beer incursion, of course, has inspired hundreds of wild flavor experiments. For instance, IHOP Restaurants launched an IHOPS Pumpkin Pancake Stout this fall, while Dunkin’ Brands unveiled a Dunkin’ Punkin Brown Ale with a North Carolina brewery.

Mr. Peanut Beer

But there have been almost no attempts at the kind of innovation introduced by combining a major CPG food brand with an India pale ale. And yet this is the kind of gambit we can increasingly expect not just from the industry but specifically from Kraft Heinz, which has gotten up off the mat lately and is finding many new and interesting ways to revitalize its traditional brands.

Ladies and Gentleman, I made a beer. And a one-of-a-kind beer deserves a one-of-a-kind commercial. Help me make the nuttiest beer ad of all time. #BeerGoesNuts

— Mr Peanut (@MrPeanut) October 23, 2018

The company recently recognized generations of kids’ consumption behavior around its iconic gelatin brand and made Jell-O a toy, for instance.

Planters Mr. IPA-Nut beer is said to have a citrusy aroma with a hint of honey-roasted peanuts and a slightly salty finish. Sort of what might happen if you pureed and filtered Beer Nuts. Only this is nut beer.

I’m making the first beer commercial built by YOU, the Internet. A beer this nutty deserves an even nuttier catchphrase. What 3 random words should our spokesperson shout to camera in our Mr. IPA-Nut commercial? Comment below. #BeerGoesNuts

— Mr Peanut (@MrPeanut) October 24, 2018

Mr. IPA-Nut will be available in four-packs of 16-ounce cans for $9.99 in select Chicago-area stores and at Noon Whistle’s own brewery in suburban Lombard, Ill.

“It would have been easy to make a great stout or porter with nuts, but Planters wanted to prove that nuts go great with any style beer,” said Michael Condon, owner of Noon Whistle. “Therefore, we took their Honey Roasted Peanuts and made a great IPA that highlights both hops and peanuts.”


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