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Keira Knightley Gets Catty About Duchess Kate and Childbirth

Keira Knightley has accused Princess Kate of hiding the pain of childbirth

Actress Keira Knightley is calling England’s most famous mama–Duchess Kate–saying that her representation of the childbirth process (and her immediate postpartum period) is unrealistic and not fair to women.

Meow? The British gloves are off for Keira Knightley, who’s recently authored a piece for a book called Feminists Don’t Wear Pink (And Other Lies), as she has some pretty scathing commentary about Duchess Kate’s three deliveries and appearances very shortly after.

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Knightley opens up about her own birth experience in her essay, telling readers that her “vagina split,” and telling her daughter that she remembered the pain from her daughter’s immediate latching to her breast.

She also detailed other memories from her experience–the blood, vomit, shit and stitches. In her essay, she claims that being ‘the weaker sex’ is ridiculous, considering the battles women fight in birthing children.

But it was her commentary on Kate’s appearances for the public after the birth of each of her children that has supporters of both women divided. Knightley not-so-politely suggested that in Kate appearing so well put together right after giving birth, she was hiding the pain of the female battleground from the world.

In fact, she accused the Duchess of hiding split bodies and leaking breasts as she stood with her daughter Charlotte and allowed herself to be photographed by a pack of men.

Supporters of the Royal family shared their disappointment that Knightley would ‘attack’ Kate and claimed that was a poor example of ‘feminism’ itself. Others applauded Knightley for bravely standing up against the royal protocol and centuries of tradition that insist members of the royal family put their best faces forward, no matter the situation.

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According to US Weekly, a Kensington Palace source has said that Kate was, ‘annoyed,’ by Knightley’s comments and that they were a representation of her experiences, perhaps, but not everyone, and certainly not of the Duchess.

Meow, indeed, and royally too!

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