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Easy No-Prep Looking and Listening Activity to Practice Mindfulness

Click here to read Easy No-Prep Looking and Listening Activity to Practice Mindfulness on Hands On As We Grow®

Enjoy a quiet outside activity inspired by our Member of the Month, Angela. You’ll practice observational and mindfulness skills just by looking and listening! 

Time is limited for parents. Being hands-on takes up time.

First, you research activities and collect supplies. Then you find time in your schedule to actually do the activities.

Our Member of the Month, Angela, felt this time crunch. With two young daughters, she was juggling hands-on activities for her toddler while caring for her infant.

“Before The Activity Room® I felt that I was leaving Matilda on her own too much, especially with a new baby,” Angela explained. “She’s great at independent play.”

Try a fun looking and listening quiet time activity from our MOTM, Angela! Join The Activity Room® for monthly activity plans and a great, supporting parent community!

Having that unscheduled independent play time is great, but Angela wanted to do more with her older daughter.

“I felt I should be doing things with her but I didn’t have the time or energy or decent internet to be searching for activities.”

Then came The Activity Room! Angela discovered the joys of preplanned hands-on activities and a supportive community.

“I did a week challenge when Matilda was younger and then I got an email about The Activity Room,” Angela shared. “Even though Matilda wasn’t two it was exactly what I was needed: preplanned activities.”

Since Matilda was a young toddler, Angela got creative and made smart swaps to keep the activities age-appropriate.

“I adapted (the activities) to her, and she did what she wanted anyway!”

Angela discovered what so many other Activity Room members have found: it’s process over product! Simply being a hands-on mom is the most important thing.

“I wasn’t worried the activities weren’t like everyone else’s older children,” Angela explained. “I was spending quality time with Matilda and loving it!”

The Activity Room has made it super simple for Angela to be a hands-on mom, even with her hands full!

“Everything’s in one place so no more searching for ideas you get it all a month ahead,” Angela commented.

Plus, they can track each child’s progress with activities, skills, and learning over time.

“We love our Activity folder which Matilda goes back through looking at what’s she done!!!”

Let’s Meet Angela

The Activity Room provides members with done-for-you hands-on activity plans! Check out Angela's looking and listening activity in the Room!

How many kids do you have and how old are they?

Matilda, 23 months, and Millie, 14 weeks.

How long have you been in The Activity Room®?

Since August

What is your favorite activity you’ve done in The Activity Room®?

Cloud Dough, Dumpster Diving, Flyswatter Painting

What’s your favorite thing to do with your kids when you get a few moments?

We love to read books and do some bird watching

What’s your best tip for doing activities with your kids?

Be prepared! Have the day’s activity set up and ready to grab when you have a moment.

If you were to tell a friend about The Activity Room®, what would you say to them?

Love love love The Activity Room! The activities are quick easy prep and adaptable for all ages.

Each month I get amazing activities sent to me to do with the girls.

All my friends know about The Activity Room®!

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Easy No-Prep Looking and Listening Activity to Practice Mindfulness

Take some time to lie on the grass outside. You’ll simply be looking and listening to the sounds around you.

That’s right. You don’t need anything else or special supplies for this simple mindfulness activity.

Can you identify the birds? Can you pick out whose car is driving past?

Look at the clouds. What shapes can you make from them?

Who can see the same as you? Who can see something different?

This is such a great activity to practice answering open-ended questions. There is no right answer!

Take turns finding shapes in the clouds or sharing things you see and hear. Try just listening with your eyes closed, too.

How does your family practice observation or mindfulness together? Share your ideas in the comments!

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