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Super Simple Turkey Ring Toss Thanksgiving Activity for Kids

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Get the Thanksgiving wiggles out with a fun turkey ring toss activity that kids and adults can enjoy together!

Do you ever end up sitting around the dinner table at Thanksgiving and twiddling your thumbs? Or worse yet, your kids are getting antsy while you’re talking to all the adults.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. That means Thanksgiving crafts and activities are at an all-time high around here.

I love Turkey crafts and I think it’s the perfect way to celebrate Thanksgiving!

Turkey Ring Toss Thanksgiving Activity for Kids

We came up with this Thanksgiving turkey ring toss.

It’s an excellent activity for the kids to do on Thanksgiving. Maybe even the adults would like to join!

For this project, I enlisted the help of my niece, Jordyn. She is 4 years old.

Make the Thanksgiving Turkey Ring Toss

To make the rings, we used:

  • paper plates
  • feathers
  • white glue

To make the turkey base, we used:

  • empty and clean coffee creamer bottles
  • brown yarn
  • a glue gun

Make your own Thanksgiving turkey ring toss game

I cut holes in the middle of four paper plates and offered Jordyn different colored feathers.

I love watching kids use glue bottles. There is so much fine motor work going on as they learn to control the amount of glue they use.

If you have a little one who tends to use large amounts of glue, try having them work on a cookie sheet. That will make the mess a little more manageable.

The feather rings might take a while to dry. You might want to plan for overnight drying just in case.

Plus, this would be a great busy activity for kids while the adults start on Turkey Day prep!

Turkey Ring Toss with International Delight

Once the feather rings were made and drying, we started working on the turkey base for the ring toss.

I was not planning on having Jordyn peel the label from the bottles. That was her idea and I love it.

I cut a slit at the top and she spent quite a bit of time working to peel the labels.

It was harder than she expected and took patience. I love surprise practice with patience!

I used a hot glue gun to glue the brown yarn around the bottom.

Jordyn and I worked as a team to wrap the yarn up towards the top.

I used a small amount of hot glue to hold the yarn in place a few times as we went up the bottle.

Once at the top, I glued the yarn in place.

We twisted the cap on and had adorable turkey bodies ready for our turkey ring toss Thanksgiving game.

Play Turkey Ring Toss as a Family!

With the turkey base made and the feather rings dry (plan for overnight drying), we were ready to play!

Ring the feathers around the turkey in a turkey ring toss for Thanksgiving

I spread the turkey bodies out and handed Jordyn the four feather rings.

She had so much fun tossing the rings over the bodies.

And I couldn’t get enough of how cute the turkey ring toss turned out! Gobble gobble.

What are your favorite fun and active Thanksgiving theme activities? Share your best ideas in the comments!

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