Trapped between choosing to insure myself or my future child – help!

Like pretty much all of America, I'm finding myself stuck in terms of health insurance. I'm a 30f who is currently expecting and due in May. I have a variety of preexisting conditions that require regular care but an currently doing relatively well. I'm covered under Cobra coverage for now and husband is uninsured, but employer does offer laughable insurance.

We figured we would just swap to a marketplace insurance plan next year to make sure the baby was covered but all we have are HMO plans that don't cover a single OB in town much less my specialists so that's out for me as I kiiinda have to deliver this kid.

AFAIK we can't get coverage for just the kid and we make too much to qualify for assistance programs but not enough to be able to afford husbands premiums+bills. So the best we can figure is for 2019 for me to stay under my COBRA care and pay out of pocket for baby's appts for rest of 2019. Assuming a healthy baby I think this is the most logical course of action as we'd have to spend over $600/ month before it would be cheaper to swap to my husband's insurance.

Am I missing something? Does anyone have any extra advice or suggestions? The thought of having an uninsured kid for a few months is terrifying but I think also the most logical.

Details :

I am currently covered through Cobra coverage until 2021 through my previous employer. $700/month premium

The only marketplace insurance available in my area is from Ambetter which I hear is terrible and also has virtually no local providers (most are 45 minutes away and even then are notoriously awful). $500-700/month premiums and no local OBGYN or high risk OB at all.

My husband has access to insurance through his employer at $1200/month for family or $700/month for him child.

Thanks in advance!

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