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Cord Art and Jewelry Honors Special Bond From Baby’s Birth

Cord art and jewelry is a unique way to honor baby's birthWondering what else (besides encapsulation) you might do with your baby’s umbilical cord? Mothers around the world are using cords/leftover cord stumps to create some really special cord art, jewelry and keepsakes.

With more and more research showing the benefits of delaying cord clamping and the vitality that is within a baby’s umbilical cord, moms are recognizing the amazing power and strength that their baby’s cord holds.

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#umbilicalcordkeepsake ?? came out perfectly

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Which is why some moms are using their baby’s cord stumps to create pretty unique (and priceless, irreplaceable!) pieces of jewelry and keepsakes. Some cultures believe saving your baby’s stump is a sign of good luck and fortune for the baby, while others simply want to relish and always have the remnants of a very special physical connection moms and babies have.

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While some of the cord art is not much more than the cord (or stump, whatever you save) dried out in a meaningful shape, other artists are using the card remains to make some pretty sparkly and pricey jewelry.

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This umbilical cord art is beautiful and pricey
Photo: A La Avra

Others use the cords/stumps and make casts of them so that if you don’t feel comfortable sporting the actual cord/stump, you still have the momento but many moms feel like its a constant connection and wear proudly, waiting one day to pass on to their next generation.

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Heart shaped umbilical cord keepsake ❤️ . Fun facts about the Umbilical Cord .. The umbilical cord develops from the yolk sac with the membranes. .. It is made up of tissue, Whartons jelly, 2 arteries and 1 vein. The Whartons jelly protects the vessels from compression. The two arteries carry blood containing waste from the baby to the mothers system for removal. The one vein carries blood with oxygen and nutrients to the baby from the mother. Rarely the cord develops with only one artery. .. The umbilical cord contains stem cells in the blood and tissue. .. Cords are all unique, no two are the same. Some variants are true knots, false knots, coiling variations and Wharton jelly variations. 1% of cords have true knots, where the baby’s actions inside the womb have looped the cord and knotted it, leaving an actual knot. .. 35% of baby’s are birthed with the cord around their necks. .. Delaying the artificial clamping of the cord gives baby the rich stem cell filled blood from the placenta. The cord has its own natural action to clamp the cord. Once the cord makes contact with our air the Whartons jelly begins to harden and shrink tightening the vessels and slowing their flow until the pulsating ceases. This can take from 3-30 minutes. . The longest cord I have recorded over the last 7 years was 82+ cm long and the shortest was just 23cms long. The full length of the cord is reached at around 28 weeks gestation. .. Preserving the cord is not new, it has been a tradition in many cultures throughout history. .. Now isn’t that incredible!! : #umbilicalcord #loveheart #cordkeepsake #birth #tradition #connection #placenta #cordart #cord #underthebirchtree #samanthabirch #vessels #cordblood #funfacts #maternityfacts #placentaencapsulation #placentagoldcoast #goldcoast #goldcoastplacenta #placentaservicesaustralia #placentastemcell #placentaservices #tweedmaternity #johnflynn #gcuhmaternity #tweedcoast #keepsakes #pindaramaternity #maternity #naturalpostpartum

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Many who encapsulate placenta find doulas or other people who will prepare placenta also are joining in with creating a special presentation of the cord as well.

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