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How to Create a Beautiful Nursery Without Spending a Fortune

When you’re expecting a new baby, one of the most exciting tasks to be done is setting up a nursery for your new arrival. Once the baby has their own space in your home, they feel like a member of the family. However, setting up a new nursery can quickly add up in terms of cost. Many expectant moms rush out and buy all manner of new items, only to be shocked by the total spend.

However, it is absolutely possible to set up a nursery for your baby without breaking the bank. With a few tips and tricks up your sleeve, you can pick up some great bargains and savings along the way to make the nursery of your dreams more affordable. In this article, our experts show you four simple ways to save money on nursery necessities.

  1. Create a list and stick to it

    When you start impulse buying, the costs of setting up a new nursery can soon stack up. Manufacturers are also constantly innovating adorable new products to tempt parents to part with their hard-earned cash. However, many of the items touted as must-haves are not really necessary, and you may find yourself shelling out on items that you’ll never use.

    For that reason, it’s important to know what a new baby actually needs in their room. At the most basic, you can get away with:

    • A crib or Moses basket with a quality mattress
    • Changing stand
    • Storage furniture for clothing, linen and supplies
    • A nightlight
    • Crib sheets and light blankets or baby sleeping bags

    That is not to say that you won’t want to splash out on a few cute treats for baby- that’s all part of the fun! However, it’s important to remember that babies don’t need lots of expensive items to meet their needs. It’s a good idea to ask other moms which items they couldn’t live without and which things turned out to be a waste of money. Then, make a shopping list and stick to it. That will make it far harder to overspend.

  2. Prioritise the baby’s crib and mattress

    Your baby’s crib and mattress are probably the most important purchases you will make for your infant as they will spend many hours asleep, especially when they are very young. A secure crib and mattress help to keep your baby safe as they reduce the risk of SIDS. A good mattress also gives your baby the support it needs to grow strong and healthy bones and joints. This doesn’t need to cost a fortune and there are plenty of budget-friendly but high-quality options on the market. However, it’s a good idea to make these items the top priority on your budget and buy the best options you can afford, cutting back in other areas.

    When choosing a top crib mattress, foam and coil mattresses are usually the best choice. Go for a very firm mattress as this guards against SIDS by preventing your baby from sinking in and provides very good support. Remember a baby will be comfortable on a much firmer mattress than an adult. Check that the mattress fits flush to the walls of the crib to prevent limbs getting stuck. The crib itself should be sturdy and secure with no sharp or worn edges.

    We don’t usually recommend accepting a second hand crib or mattress as they can pose a risk of infection or may not be in very good condition. However, if you have been offered either item second hand that looks immaculate, then they’re probably fine to use. Just check that there is no visible staining, that the item smells fresh and that there are no loose seams or sharp edges.

  3. Look out for discounts for new parents

    This may sound like a no-brainer, but never pay full price for a product if there’s a possibility of getting a discount. There are various online baby clubs that you can join that offer exclusive discount and special offer codes for their members on a range of branded products for babies and small children. It’s also a great idea to wait for sales before making big ticket purchases, as the savings can be huge.

  4. Check out nearly-new sales

    Although we don’t recommend buying certain items like cribs and mattresses second hand, furniture and other items can often be bought much cheaper if you don’t mind shopping at nearly-new sales. Of course, you’ll need to be discerning in what you buy. Some of the items available will be in poor condition and may have been used by many babies before the family decides to sell them. Anything that has sharp or exposed edges, visible fading or stains or that looks tattered or dirty is obviously best left alone.

    However, many excited new moms buy items for their nursery only to use them a handful of times. You can often find real gems amongst the products available at nearly-news sales, and some might actually have never been used or only used once or twice. Sometimes you’ll even find items that would have cost a fortune new where the seller is selling them cheapy because they are no longer needed and they want them out of the house.

    You may also consider using online auction and second-hand sites to try and pick up bargains. However, unless the item is extremely cheap and you are comfortable risking the fact that it may not be useable, always make sure you can view the item first. Pictures can be deceiving and you’ll want to be more picky about items bought for your baby than you might otherwise be.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many simple ways that you can kit out a whole new nursery without blowing your budget. Before you buy anything, remember to work out what you can afford to spend and use your budget to find the best product available for your money. Always remember to check that anything bought for a baby or young child is in a safe and clean condition.

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