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So much THIS! Glenn Beck DESTROYS myth that pro-life people are really just pro-birth in 1 PERFECT tweet

One of the most popular talking points from our good friends on the pro-abort side of the abortion argument is that people who are pro-life are actually only pro-birth and that once a child is born they are forgotten and thrown aside because these same people also have the audacity to expect parents and not the government to care for their children.

We know, it’s stupid, but it’s a tough sell for pro-aborts to tell the truth in their messaging which is they don’t want women (or men) being responsible for an unwanted or inconvenient pregnancy and therefore support abortion as birth control.

Doesn’t sound all that ‘pretty,’ does it?

When those who yell about the rights of the unborn child actually step up to care for that child throughout the child's life, then I will feel that those protesters are actually pro-life. Until then, they are only "pro-birth" and couldn't care less once the baby is born.

— Carol Valentine (@cvalentine65) November 17, 2018

See? If as pro-life people we are not willing to pay for every unwanted child in this country they have to abort them or something.

Gross, right?

Glenn Beck responded and NAILED IT.

FYI-I adopted my son from a teenage mother who couldn’t care for her baby. Now, is this reasonable: until those who will let a killer move into their home, I won’t listen to those against the death penalty? Or don’t talk to me about the holocaust, Until you adopt a Jew.

— Glenn Beck (@glennbeck) November 17, 2018


🍁🍂RedRiverGrl🍂🍁 (@redrivergrl) November 17, 2018

— KRisSy (@artnthesoul) November 17, 2018

I’m pro life, my wife and I adopted 3 children and raised them. 2 boys and a girl. 🤨

— Ken Shattuck (@ShattuckKen) November 17, 2018

I know many couples who are waiting to adopt a baby. They’re out there. It’s harder to adopt than people might think. And adoption blesses lives; all lives involved!

— G.R. Hall (@Garrett_R_Hall) November 17, 2018

This. ^


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