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New Mom Kat Von D Honors The Fourth Trimester

Tattoo artist Kat Von D honors the fourth trimesterYou may know her as a talented tattoo and makeup artist, but Kat Von D is also known for being a new mom. And, now this new mom is speaking out about how important the fourth trimester is–and how she plans to spend it.

Celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D is a new mom, though she’s not sharing exact details about her son Leafar’s birth. What she is sharing, however, is that she and husband Leafar Seyer have been waiting for their new bundle for quite a while, and plan to fully take advantage of the ‘4th trimester.’

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The fourth/4th  trimester refers to the days and weeks after a new baby is born–and has implications for both mama and babe. According to new guidelines set by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) earlier this year, more focus needs to be put on those days post birth for a mama. According to the guidelines, there is much that changes in those weeks following birth and that time is a critical period for mama and baby. The new guidelines specify that no longer should postpartum care be an appointment at six weeks, but checks and help navigating all that new motherhood includes.

For babies, the 4th trimester is pivotal too. Dr. Harvey Karp coined the term as those three months after a baby is born…where the newborn is adjusting to the abrupt change from being in a womb for nearly ten months to being outside all of a sudden.

Von D and her husband named their son Leafar after his father–who was born Rafael Reyes. Leafar is Rafael spelled backward and the picture Von D posted couldn’t be any sweeter.

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What we love the most though is her statement about taking the next 40 days (what she is calling the fourth trimester) to focus on their baby and their transitioning relationship. That she even acknowledges the existence of a fourth trimester in public thrills us, and that she sees and recognizes its value for both her and the baby is even better.

Though she asks for fans to excuse her and her husband if they are not available as much for a little while, we’ve got a feeling she’d be taking that time whether or not people cared, and we are right on board that train with her!

Congratulations to the happy new parents!

Photo: Kat Von D/Instagram

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