Top 30 Goth Fashion Youtube Channels To Follow

Top 30 Goth Fashion Youtube Channels

Goth Fashion Youtube Channels List.
The Best Goth Fashion Youtube Channels from thousands of Goth Fashion Youtube Channels in our index using search and social metrics. Subscribe to these youtubers because they are actively working to educate, inspire, and empower their audience with frequent updates and high-quality videos.

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Top 30 Goth Fashion Youtubers

CONGRATULATIONS to every youtuber that has made this Top Goth Fashion Youtube Channels list! This is the most comprehensive list of best Goth Fashion Youtube Channels on the internet and I’m honoured to have you as part of this! I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world.

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1 Goth Fashion Youtube Channels

1.1 It’s Black Friday
1.2 ReeRee Phillips
1.3 Angela Benedict
1.4 Liisa Ladouceur
1.5 Manic Moth
1.6 Toxic Tears
1.7 thegothicsprite
1.8 lilachris
1.9 Caligo Bastet
1.10 Queenie Black
1.11 disspossable
1.12 LadyMeilin
1.14 Gothic SoulFlower
1.15 Varunia Khan
1.16 Miss E
1.17 Emily Rose
1.18 Miss Morguendorffer
1.19 Gothic leeman
1.20 Mumma Goth
1.21 Crimson Crypt
1.22 Anouk Freya
1.23 Vampire Yuri
1.24 MoonmaidenGothic
1.25 Linda

Goth Fashion Youtube Channels

1. It’s Black Friday

It's Black Friday About Youtuber This channel features fashion and beauty for Darksided people plus vlogs, adventures, lifestyle, and fun. Since Oct 2013 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 641,769 . Views Count- 72,544,003 . Video Count – 403

2. ReeRee Phillips

ReeRee Phillips About Youtuber Welcome to my channel! Here, you will find a multitude of videos, from Makeup tutorials to vlogs, and everything in between. I am a makeup artist, alternative model, mother and active in the goth community. Lover of all things dark and gloomy. Since Sep 2012 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 99,060 . Views Count- 5,160,873 . Video Count – 257

3. Angela Benedict

Angela Benedict New York About Youtuber My channel is influenced by my life in the Gothic subculture of the 90’s. I have a lot of fond memories and have had the privilege of living in NYC to experience it all alongside some hilarious & wonderful people. Since Oct 2006 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 48,542 . Views Count- 2,740,124 . Video Count – 148

4. Liisa Ladouceur

Liisa Ladouceur About Youtuber Hi I’m Liisa. I created the 40 Years of Goth Style videos series. And am now making videos about Goth and other subculture styles. Since Apr 2013 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 34,377 . Views Count- 6,705,136 . Video Count – 10

5. Manic Moth

Manic Moth About Youtuber My name is Annika and I’m a young illustration student, living in Germany and loving to be creative. With this channel, I’d like to share my love for the dark and strange side of beauty. You can expect to see Makeup Tutorials, Costume looks, Drawing Tutorials, Tags and many more. Since Dec 2012 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 25,040 . Views Count- 740,612 . Video Count – 63

6. Toxic Tears

Toxic Tears About Youtuber Kaya Lili – Just an odd girl living in Belfast, Northern Ireland. My channel has a little bit of everything – Beauty & Fashion, Vlogs & Lifestyle, Tutorials & DIY and more. Since Dec 2010 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 330,944 . Views Count- 23,438,542 . Video Count – 351

7. thegothicsprite

thegothicsprite About Youtuber Follow us to keep up with videos on goth fashion from thegothicsprite. Since Jan 2014 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 79,416 . Views Count- 2,270,750 . Video Count – 73

8. lilachris

lilachris About Youtuber Hi, I am lilachris and I make videos about the gothic subculture in all its different aspects. I love dark fashion and makeup and I also love to talk about being goth in the everyday life and all that comes with dressing and looking alternatively in this world. Since Apr 2015 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 33,964 . Views Count- 7,831,132 . Video Count – 108

9. Caligo Bastet

Caligo Bastet About Youtuber Here you’ll find a very large array of videos, mostly goth related – from makeup and fashion to vocal covers and discussing serious topics. Since Jun 2010 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 33,359 . Views Count- 1,944,125 . Video Count – 180

10. Queenie Black

Queenie Black About Youtuber Elder Goth Sharing art & decor ideas and babbling about whatever and showing what I’m working on. Since Jan 2007 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 20,589 . Views Count- 849,313 . Video Count – 78

11. disspossable

disspossable United Kingdom About Youtuber This channel is about all about Makeup, Lifestyle and all things Goth. I have been a full-time freak and part-time artist all my life so one day I thought I could share my journey. Since Jan 2010 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 9,030 . Views Count- 853,212 . Video Count – 206

12. LadyMeilin

LadyMeilin About Youtuber If you are interested in..Anime, Cosplay, Hauls, Parodies, Goth Fashion, Horror, Halloween, Kawaii and Lolita Fashion! then you will like my videos! Since Jul 2007 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 8,481 . Views Count- 706,679 . Video Count – 206


GLAM GOTH About Youtuber Follow us to keep up with videos on goth fashion from GLAM GOTH. Since Oct 2015 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 5,538 . Views Count- 60,167 . Video Count – 14

14. Gothic SoulFlower

Gothic SoulFlower About Youtuber Welcome to my video channel. I’ll be sharing fashion, makeup, and tribal belly dance tips with just about anyone, but with goths in particular. I’m a gothic bohemian, wishing to spread joyful darkness to the world. Since Sep 2016 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 2,961 . Views Count- 93,531 . Video Count – 143

15. Varunia Khan

Varunia Khan About Youtuber Follow us to keep up with videos on goth fashion from Varunia Khan. Since Mar 2016 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 2,271 . Views Count- 66,934 . Video Count – 70

16. Miss E

Miss E Canada About Youtuber Welcome to my channel. I am a goth girl who loves making epic clothing, wearing wild makeup and going on adventures! I will share some of the craziness with you here. Look out for videos of me swearing and sewing, going to drag shows, riding around in hearses and picnicking in cemeteries, as well as outrageous outings with my merry band of misfits. Since Oct 2006 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 2,189 . Views Count- 90,415 . Video Count – 98

17. Emily Rose

Emily Rose About Youtuber We also have tutorials for makeup and crafts along with Halloween and Goth hauls! Since Oct 2009 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 1,229 . Views Count- 133,723 . Video Count – 180

18. Miss Morguendorffer

Miss Morguendorffer About Youtuber Hey everyone this is my channel where I will post original songs, makeup tutorials and outfit videos (all in a montage style) that may one day turn into vlogging 🙂 I enjoy all types of gothic fashion from steampunk to gothic lolita, to classic 80s style, I try to show a variety of outfits that others can use as references if they please. Since Feb 2015 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 768 . Views Count- 27,087 . Video Count – 42

19. Gothic leeman

Gothic leeman About Youtuber I’m Lee-Ann or gothicleeman welcome to my youtube channel hear you will find video about my world of my dark desires from an Aussie goth, I’m very informed on the gothic community and other dark culture related topic. Since Jan 2009 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 501 . Views Count- 26,534 . Video Count – 115

20. Mumma Goth

Mumma Goth About Youtuber Mummy and wife in my 30’s, living in the UK. Addicted to Alternative and Gothic Fashion with a love for gaming. Fighting an invisible illness and striving to keep an optimistic outlook on life while trying to keep my individuality Since Dec 2017 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 481 . Views Count- 8,457 . Video Count – 28

21. Crimson Crypt

Crimson Crypt London, UK About Youtuber Hi! My name is Morrigan, on YouTube I’m known as Crimson Crypt. I’m a Goth/ alternative person from London, UK. I make videos about makeup, alternative fashion and other things relating to the Goth subculture, as well as some other random videos too. Since Mar 2018 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 391 . Views Count- 10,391 . Video Count – 50

22. Anouk Freya

Anouk Freya About Youtuber Just a Modern Witch with a passion for fashion and DIY. Since Jan 2018 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 349 . Views Count- 7,550 . Video Count – 14

23. Vampire Yuri

Vampire Yuri About Youtuber This channel is about gothic and alternative fashion. You can find everything about gothic clothes, accessories and events and also something about Japanese fashion and comicon. Since Dec 2015 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 344 . Views Count- 14,359 . Video Count – 52

24. MoonmaidenGothic

MoonmaidenGothic About Youtuber Based in the UK, in the ancient, mystic depths of Celtic Cornwall we ship worldwide – and we make and sell some of the most Romantic, Dramatic Gothic Clothing you are liable to find on the Internet. Since Sep 2011 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 179 . Views Count- 37,319 . Video Count – 47

25. Linda

Linda About Youtuber Are you interested in Punk & Goth & Steampunk fashion.Follow us get more details Since Mar 2018 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 6 . Views Count- 536 . Video Count – 12

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