‘S No Wonder! Babies in the Snow by Ginger Swift

LET’S MEET BABY ANIMALS IN SNOWY PLACES.Somebody wants to play with the snow foxes!Could it be Puff and Pearl, the polar bear twins?What do they see through that hole in the ice?Who’s that?A whole slew of … narwhales? WOW! They are a whale of a whale with that unicorn horn!But what other whales are swimming in those icy waters?Baby Beluga and Baby Orca!And who else is that? Baby Walrus is sunning on the ice with Seal Pup!There’s a whole menagerie of Arctic animals to be found if you know where to look–even a glossy white ermine and a shaggy musk ox… and even a sleepy little snowy owl, in Ginger Swift’s little lift-the-flap board book, Babies in the Snow: Lift-a-Flap Board Book (Babies Love) (Cottage Door Press, 2018).  Swift’s toy-and-movable book introduces animals of the far north for tots to discover. Who’s that? Could it be a caribou? Arctic critters are everywhere, even the snow-white Arctic hare, in this little book illustrated in just-right cool colors so fetchingly by Ariel Silverstein, sized for small fingers to explore.

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