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Colorful Rainbow Scavenger Hunt with Printable Clues

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We love scavenger hunts! I took this one a step further than we usually do and made it a rainbow scavenger hunt with clues!

It’s getting to be spring, which means rainbows! They’re so cheerful and happy.

Plus, rainbows are such a fun, simple way to work on colors. And all those colors just scream scavenger hunt.

I wanted to make this rainbow scavenger hunt so super simple. That way it’s easy for us (and you) to do again and again.

I even made the clues a printable for you to print off yourself to do your own rainbow scavenger hunt! (They’re at the end of this post.)

Colorful Rainbow Scavenger Hunt with Printable Clues

There’s a little prep work for this scavenger hunt.

Look for a rainbow! Try this fun spring scavenger hunt with your kids!

To have your own colorful rainbow scavenger hunt, you’ll need:

  • rainbow colored construction paper cut into strips
  • white paper
  • plain blue paper
  • printed clues
  • tape

Print off the clues and cut them apart. Tape, or glue, each clue to a piece of construction paper in the colors of the rainbow.

You can leave the violet one blank (I ended up removing the clue on ours), since that’s the end of the rainbow. Which means it’s the end of the scavenger hunt and there’s no more clues.

Cut a cloud out of white paper and tape a clue to it too. This is the starting clue.

On each clue, fill in the “by a” box with an object that’s easily identifiable (and accessible) in your house. If your child is beginning to read, you could put words in the box, otherwise draw the object!

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A rainbow scavenger hunt to do with the kids -- with free printable clues to use

Then you’ll have to go hide your clues on those object! Its tricky, be sure to get the sequence right!

I tried to make these as friendly as I could for the youngest of scavengers. Henry (he’s almost 5) had absolutely no problem with reading the clues after I read through the first one with him.

On each clue I made little eyes that says “Look for” written underneath.

Look for _(color)_ by a _(drawing)_ clue for rainbow scavenger hunt

Then its a row of the colors of the rainbow. I thought this would be the trickiest for him to understand, but he grasped it right away.

The point of the colors is to see what color you currently have and to see what color comes after that in the rainbow.

If you need to make it easier, X or check the box of the next color to find. For readers, you could write the color word.

The last part of the clue is the object that you drew or wrote. That’s where your child should look for the next clue.

Reading the clues for the rainbow scavenger hunt

Go on Your Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

I read the cloud clue with Henry:

“Look for RED by a CHAIR.”

Once he found the red slip by the chair, he was hooked!

Finding the clues on a rainbow scavenger hunt

I added another element to the hunt by bringing back the colored strips to glue onto a piece of blue paper, with the cloud.

Make a rainbow after finding each clue on the rainbow scavenger hunt

In the end, our rainbow scavenger hunt also turned into rainbow to put on display!

Make a rainbow after finding each clue on the rainbow scavenger hunt

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt Clues Printable

Click the image below to print the PDF (or save it to your desktop for future use).

Rainbow scavenger hunt free printable clues

If you’re a rainbow fan, you’ll love our rainbow sponge painting and go on a color scavenger hunt to make a rainbow!

What’s your favorite scavenger hunt? Share your ideas with us!

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