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10 Ways to Make Your House Clean and Healthy for Your Toddler

Toddlers are so cute to look at. Their walk, their laughs, their eyes – they steal everyone’s heart. This is the stage of kids’ life that plays a crucial role in developing their cognitive and motor skills. They want to experience everything they see. They are curious about how it feels. Thus, it’s not uncommon that toddlers touch, pick and play with whatever is reachable to their tiny little hands.
Sadly, only moms know the flip side of this stage – the house becomes a mess. They spill liquids, food items, toys and things all around the house. And the plight of maintaining neat home is just additive if you have more than one kid. For a mom with multiple kids, it looks like maintaining the house clean and healthy is definitely a Herculean task.

If you are a mother of a toddler tired up of the mess around you and confused how to maintain a clean and a healthy house for your baby – fretno more! This post will show you 10 effective ways that will help you deal with this toddler hassles.

Declutter Mercilessly

Is your house filled with piles of toys that have been gifted by your friends, neighbours and relatives, and of course purchased by you for your cute looking baby? Well, that’s a glad thing to hear that you have so many well-wishers. But have you inspected the health of toys now? Are they sound and safe for your baby to play? Or they just ended up in the pile of untouched objects with broken parts?
Not just toys, anything that is broken or out of shape, that you have not used for long, or those that would pile up just to increase the work burden later on – just throw them away mercilessly. Toys, clothes, newspapers, magazines, damaged household items – include everything in this list.

Family Affair

Keeping a house clean and healthy need not be solely the mother’s responsibility. Involve your hubby and your elder kids, if you have any. After all, a clean home is something that the whole family will enjoy. So why not delegate the task of cleaning too?

Give easier tasks such as organizing things in baskets and picking the things thrown all over the house to your elder kids. There’s no harm in kids doing such things. You and your hubby can take care of deep cleaning acts such as cleaning the bathrooms, vacuum cleaning the carpets and mattresses, doing the laundry, etc.

Frame a Routine

If you are a working mother falling short out of time and energy to clean home on a daily basis, frame a routine. Make the cleaning of your home as an affair of once or twice a week. Don’t over exert yourself and try to be a perfectionist all the time. Set a me-time for yourself and relax. This is very important.

Stick to your cleaning routine and gradually your mind will get tuned to it without struggling much.

Work Smarter

Show your smartness in organizing the things. Do not put the things that can be easily scattered just within the reach of your toddler. Preferably keep the lesser height storage spaces empty or with things that will not create much work for you in re-organizing them back to their place.

Organize well

If you are a clever mom, you should organize well. Keep away all small and possible clutter items away from your toddler’s reach. Organize all soft toys and items that are safe to play with for your toddler in the reach. Follow the same rule for every room of your home. This will help save time that you may otherwise have to spend in placing them back to their places.

Use Toddler Friendly Chemicals

To clean the floor, rugs or carpets, windows and cabinets, choose toddler safe chemicals. Make cleaning a routine once a month or fortnight depending on your cleaning needs, and mak

Expert Advice

Some homes may be easily attracting pests, flies, mosquitoes and termites. This could be due to various factors such as sewage issues, trees and garden around your home, or may be one of your apartment neighbour has the same issue and termites found their way to your house too!

Cockroaches are another species that most women hate! The main reason being their disease spreading rate, they are the first enemy for your baby and you should get rid of them no matter what.

Do you know that cockroaches can survive under extreme conditions of starving too? It is not that easy to get rid of them, as a matter of fact! Cockroach control services in North Carolina will achieve this in a better way.

Not needed to make a special mention, pests can be very unhygienic and disease causing for your toddler. It is always best to seek expert advice on how you can get rid of such pest issues. Many expert termite treatments are available in NC which could be definitely of your help.

Mosquitoes too should never be neglected. Toddlers are less immune and a wise mom will never take a chance for her baby. If you find mosquitoes pestering your house and surroundings despite your efforts of keeping your house clean, consult a good mosquitoes’ services experts in North Carolina.


This is another easily feasible option to clean your home. Compared to vacuum cleaning, which can be a heavier and bulky time taking task for many, choose sweeping when you want to quick clean your home at less effort.

When you have time and energy, pick out that vacuum cleaner and deep clean your home and enjoy the cleanliness. But don’t try to be a super mom and a perfectionist every time, you will end up drained of energy!


Better to be safe than to be sorry. Isn’t it? It is nothing wrong in training your kids to put back the toys and other items from where they have been picked from. This will help in a long way.
Make it a habit to your elder kids and seek their help in keeping the home clean. They will get habituated and the younger kids too will learn from them in future.

Don’t Panic

If you are worried about your messy home because of toddlers, take a deep breath. You are not alone. Accept that toddler is just a stage, and kids will grow up pretty faster than you ever imagined. This beautiful stage would never come back in life again. So, enjoy the stage, their laughs and their steps, and don’t fret much about keeping the house very clean. Just, basic neatness and hygiene would suffice!

Author Bio –
Leanda James is a content writer at Pest Management System. She is on a quest to spread awareness about pest control. Starting out as a video blogger, she found passion in writing & has switched to be a content writer instead. She loves kids and usually spends the weekends with her nieces.

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