Every ‘Friends’ Fanatic Needs This Adorable Merch

Brace yourselves Friends fans – you’re gonna need all of this merchandise

Friends has been off the air for fifteen years now which means that we’ve all resorted to copious amounts of Netflix binging. If you’re craving even more Chandler, Joey, Ross, Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe in your life – never fear. There’s plenty of very cute Friends merch out there to satisfy all of your Central Perk needs.

Enoch Friends Central Perk Latte Coffee Mug Black

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You may never actually get to hang out with the gang at Central Perk but that doesn’t mean you can’t play pretend with this mug. Gunther would fully approve.

Could I Be Any Cuter Friends TV Show Inspired Baby Bodysuit

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It’s probably best that you introduce your baby to Chandler Bing sooner rather than later.

How You Doin Color Block Fleece Sweatshirt

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Curl up on a chilly night with this “How You Doin’” sweatshirt. None of us will ever be able to pull it off quite like Joey did but it’s worth a shot.

Cool TV Props Friends You’re My Lobster Plush

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Give this “You’re My Lobster” stuffed lobster to the Ross or Rachel in your life. Don’t forget the hand gesture, too.

The Original Friends TV Show Keychain – Authentic Monica’s Peephole Door

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Want to bring a piece of Friends with you at all times? Snag this keychain with Monica’s classic yellow peephole frame.

FRIENDS TV Yellow Peephole 

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Or get the actual peephole frame for your door. Now all that’s missing is an impromptu visit from Joey.

FRIENDS TV Show Monica’s Kitchen Homemade 1 cent Pickles Jar

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Want to make your home even more like Monica’s? Buy this exact replica of the utensils holder featured in almost every single episode of the show. Next purchase: Monica’s fancy china that’s only fit for the queen.

Della Pace Pivot Friends Couch Mug 

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There are few scenes better than the one when they try to get that sofa up to Ross’s apartment. We should all probably rewatch while drinking out of this mug.

Friends TV Show Collage – Tile Coaster

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This coaster is very cute, features some of the best moments from Friends, and won’t leave rings on the table (because Monica would not approve).

Princess Consuela Banana Hammock & Crap Bag Couples Funny Coffee Mug Set 

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There are few better gifts to buy a couple than this mug set featuring an homage to Mike (Crap Bag) and Phoebe (Princess Consuela Banana Hammock). This should probably be on every wedding registry.

Winning Moves Games Friends Trivial Pursuit Quiz Game

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Think you’re the #1 Friends fan? Prove it by challenging your friends to a trivial pursuit game. Warning: you may or may not lose the nice apartment.

Every 'Friends' Fanatic Needs This Adorable Merch

Now go rewatch the show for the one millionth time. I don’t have Unagi or anything, but I’m gonna guess that it’ll be a really, really good time.

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