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Mess-Free Simple No Dye Easter Eggs with Washi Tape

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Make simple no dye Easter Eggs using Washi tape, from Lisa, for a fun and mess free way to decorate eggs with your toddlers!

We love coming up with new ideas to decorate Easter eggs. Dipping eggs into dye can be really hard (and messy) for toddlers.

I wanted to find a decorating activity that they could all fully participate in and really enjoy. Keeping the mess to a minimum was also a high priority

Mess-Free Simple No Dye Easter Eggs with Washi Tape

After looking through my craft cabinet, I found a container full of washi tape and knew we could put it to use!

Make pretty no-dye Easter eggs using washi tape for a fun kid-friendly craft!

For this no dye Easter egg activity, you’ll need:

  • Eggs – hard-boiled, paper, or plastic.
  • Washi or decorative tape – different colors, patterns, etc.

That’s it!

I would recommend that you set up this activity on a flat surface, at child height. We used a low bench and it worked perfectly.

Have mess-free fun with a no dye Easter Eggs activity that's perfect for even little kids!

I set this activity up for my two and three year olds, but my older children joined as well and had just as much fun!

Decorate Easter Eggs with a Fine Motor Twist

To make decorating easier for everyone, I ripped the tape in pieces ahead of time. I stuck each piece to the edge of the bench we were working on.

Peel and stick washi tape onto Easter Eggs for mess-free fun!

This allowed my toddlers to pick and choose what tape they wanted easily while still maintaining a sense of independent control – which we all know is very important for toddlers!

They were very excited to start decorating and immediately knew what to do.

I love this sensory based decorating idea!

Peeling off the tape from the bench is a great fine motor and pincer activity for developing hands and fingers. It is also great hand coordination practice.

Make no dye Easter Eggs with washi tape!

They were able to make use of both hands, holding an egg in one hand and using the other to place and stick the tape down.

Toddlers will love this no dye Easter Eggs activity!

Our tape did not stick perfectly as you can see, but we were focus on the process more than the end result.

My toddlers were so proud of their finished product!

Make pretty Easter Eggs using washi tape for mess-free fun!

This was such an easy, enjoyable activity for all my children.

They were able to mix and match different colors of tape. Then, they decided where to put the tape on each of their eggs.

It was easy prep and clean up too!

What are some ways you like to decorate Easter eggs without using traditional dye?

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