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Easy Easter Egg Splatter Painting Activity for Kids

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Try painting with a toothbrush! Make an easy Easter egg splatter painting with your kids!

The boys made these pretty Easter eggs by doing splatter painting with a toothbrush. It was a new way for them to paint and they had fun with it!

Grab some old toothbrushes to splatter paint with! I always save our old ones for cleaning tools and they seem to pile up.

After a thorough cleaning of the brush itself, I set them out with some watered down paint in muffin tins for each of the boys.

This was perfect for George to do, and actually a wonderful fine motor activity. Its a perfect way to paint toddler-style.

Try rolling painted hearts we did for more another fine motor art activity!

I cut out George’s egg shape and then traced that onto a piece of paper for Henry to cut out one himself.

After doing a quick demonstration to the boys of how to splatter the paint onto the paper eggs, they got right to it.

Try Easter egg splatter painting for a fun art activity with a fine motor twist!

I think George enjoyed splattering paint with the toothbrush more than actually getting the paint on the egg. I had to tell him to put it down closer to the paper so the paint would splatter onto the paper egg.

George ended up painting with the brush itself, as well as his hands. And then he splattered on it some more!

We loved making egg splatter painting with toothbrushes!

They ended up with lots of drips from the toothbrushes because of the runny paint. Henry held his up to show me and noticed that the big globs dripped down the egg.

He was adamant about dripping the paint into certain places but struggled to get it to go where he wanted to. This was a fun way to bring learning about gravity into our art activity!

Try painting with toothbrushes and plain old gravity for a creative art activity!

I didn’t actually get to display these in the house for Easter. Henry needed to take something purple for sharing at preschool, so he decided to take his splatter egg to share.

Henry was kind of bummed when he came home that day. Another boy had told him that was a dumb way to paint.

We didn’t think so. Splatter painting is super fun!

An egg splatter painting is a great creative Easter art activity for preschoolers!

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