Ten tips for breastfeeding support

Did you know it’s World Breastfeeding Week? Here’s some tips on good breastfeeding support… I’ve been breastfeeding now for nearly three and a half years in total, and reckon good support is so important for happy breastfeeding, So here’s all the people – groups, products and things – that have helped me along the way, in my ten tips for breastfeeding support. 1) Midwives are brilliant, make use of them when you can. I had a lot of problems at the start but was lucky enough to have access to a group of community midwives who came out to visit us most days for weeks (read more about in my TalkMum post). 2) I also went along to a couple of breastfeeding drop-in groups.  Which were a bit weird, at first – sitting around with your boobs out? –  but really useful for help with latching when it all seemed a bit overwhelming and overwhelmingly painful. 3) The NCT breastfeeding helpline was fantastic when I really needed advice. (0300 330 0771  open 8am – midnight, 7 days a week). Everyone I spoke to was sympathetic, kind and just useful. 4)  It’s so important to have friends who understand. In my NCT group everyone’s baby feeding journey’s were different and there was a mix in how everyone fed their baby – boobs, bottles, formula, expressing – but what we all had in common was a love of cake and sitting around chatting. Which is what you need, really when it’s all so new (contrary to media mis-perception, I’m also yet to meet another mum who has a negative opinion about how anyone else feeds their baby). 5) And don’t be afraid to breastfeed in public. Here’s to all the people who’ve seen me feed and flash most of my boobs and not batted an eyelid. That’s most people – family members, neighbours, delivery guys, postmen, waitresses and so on… 6) On a more physical level, good breastfeeding bras are essential. I’m still wearing my Bravado bras after all this time. And this is the best breast pump I’ve tried. 7) And make sure you have a comfortable place to feed, with easy access to the TV remote and snacks. I’m over on the Wayfair blog with my tips on creating a breastfeeding nest. 8) Getting much? Getting any? Getting enough? Sleep is a big issue for all mums, however you feed (we’re still not getting much). Our SnuzPod co-sleeper cot which attaches to the side of your bed so the baby’s right there, was great for helping with breastfeeding and I miss it now. 9) I’ve written before about breastfeeding, blogging and social media – Twitter was an absolute lifeline for me first-time-round to talk to other mums, especially on night feeds. And reading about the experiences of breastfeeding from blogging mamas like Adele, Fritha and Fiona and really helped. 10) Most importantly, make sure you have a warm and supportive environment of family around you who’ll cook dinner and fetch cake, especially when you’re trapped on the sofa for hours. Which person (or item) has given you the most support for breastfeeding?

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