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Announcing The NEW Artful Parent Book (+6 Awesome Preorder Bonuses!)

The completely revised and updated edition of The Artful Parent book by Jean Van’t Hul is being released June 11th! This book will help you raise creative kids and fill your family’s life with fun art activities. Preorder now to receive 6 awesome bonuses!

The New Artful Parent Book with Kids Art Supplies

This post contains affiliate links.I have some super exciting news to share! I created a brand new version of The Artful Parent book! And it’s going to be available soon — June 11th.

*See below for preorder info & lots of bonuses!

Why I Updated The Artful Parent Book

The original Artful Parent was a pretty good book, if I do say so myself, but it was first published in 2013 (written in 2011) and it was ready for a few updates, including the art materials recommendations and the resources. And as I started making the updates, I got a little carried away.

Updates and Revisions to The Artful Parent Book

Okay, really carried away.

I ended up spending a good chunk of last year adding a couple of chapters, including one on drawing with confidence and creativity, revising and updating parts of the book, adding LOTS of new art activities and revising others, reshooting most of the photos, and getting a redesign.

The New Artful Parent Book with Kids Drawing of a Flower Bouquet

I am so very lucky that my publisher, Roost Books, gave me the opportunity to edit and improve this book and so very happy with this completely revised and updated version of The Artful Parent.

If you’re not already familiar with the book, it’s called The Artful Parent: Simple Ways to Fill Your Family’s Life with Art & Creativity. The original was an Amazon Bestseller, winner of the Family Choice Award, and was translated into several other languages.

It’s taken on a life of its own and I hear from parents, grandparents, teachers, bloggers, and instagrammers all the time about the impact that it has had on their families, kids, lives, etc.

So anyway, this book is my baby. And as with any proud parent, I am super proud and excited to share it with you in it’s better, dressed up teenage version.

Cover of The Artful Parent Book, Revised Edition, by Jean Van't Hul

Preorder My New Book!

I want to encourage you to preorder the revised edition of The Artful Parent, especially if you have young children or work with them. And I put together some awesome preorder bonuses for you.

If you preorder the book before the publication date of June 11th, you’ll receive ALL of the following for FREE:

Preorder Bonuses for The New Artful Parent Book

6 Preorder Bonuses for The Artful Parent Book

  1. A mini course on Rocking Simple Art Invitations
  2. 1 Month membership in the Kids Art Spot (also home of the Summer Camp for Creative Kids from June-August)
  3. 11 Ways to Raise Creative Kids (virtual workshop & workbook)
  4. Artful Parent Planning Calendar (printable PDF)
  5. 5 frameable Creativity & Parenting quotes (as beautiful PDF printables) to hang up for inspiration
  6. Weekend Inspiration Newsletter from The Artful Parent (okay, okay, subscribing to my newsletter is always free, but you want in on it, right?!)

So order the book for yourself. Order it for a friend or family member. Buy it for a teacher. Get it for a babysitter, nanny, caregiver. Order it as a baby shower gift.

How to Claim Your Preorder Bonuses

First, click here to preorder the book on Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Indie Bound | Powell’s Books | Your Local Independent Bookstore

And then fill out this form with your name, email address, and receipt number and we’ll send you all the preorder bonuses on May 11th. Sound good?

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The completely revised & updated edition of The Artful Parent book by Jean Van't Hul is being released June 11th! Preorder now to receive 6 awesome bonuses!

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