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Easy Hands-On Color Matching Clothespin Game for Toddlers

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Have fun learning colors with this color matching clothespin game from Julie. 

I was looking for a creative way to get my toddler more engaged when we were talking about colors. Then, I remembered how much fun we had with clothespins – just clipping and unclipping them.

Have the best time with a bucket and come clothespins!

And an idea was born!

This color game is perfect for toddlers and even older babies. My daughter loved pinching the clothespins and being silly as we learned about colors!

Easy Hands-On Color Matching Clothespin Game for Toddlers

It’s so simple to put together, and your toddler will love it!

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To set up your own color matching clothespin game, you’ll need:

  • a bucket
  • wooden clothespins
  • markers
  • color puzzle, colorful blocks, magnets, etc.

Easy Clipping with Colors

First, color the backs of a few clothespins with basic colors. We colored ours to match our color puzzle.

Then, set out a bucket. We love our metal bucket because it makes a lovely clanging sound when the clothespins are dropped inside!

Clip the clothespins to the rim of the bucket. All set!

Explore color matching with a clothespin game for toddlers!

Call out a color to find and clip or find and drop into the bucket. Just clipping and dropping the clothespin is a great activity for younger toddlers!

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Add Color Clothespin Matching

First, have your child choose a clothespin from the edge of the bucket. Unclipping clothespins is great for developing hand strength and fine motor skills!

Try a simple DIY color matching clothespin game for toddlers!

Name the color.

“Wow, you chose a green clothespin.”

Then, help them find the puzzle piece or object that matches the color on the clothespin. You could use LEGO blocks, balls, and magnetic blocks or tiles, too.

Explore colors with a fun clothespin matching game for toddlers!

Help your child recognize the match.

“Look, you have a green puzzle piece, too! Green and green. That’s a match!”

Learn colors with this fun hands on game for toddlers!

Drop the clothespin and the puzzle piece, or whatever small colored objects you’re using, in the bucket. Repeat with more clothespins and colorful objects.

Your toddler will love a simple game that you can DIY in a snap!

Your child “wins” the game when she has matched and dropped all the color pairs in the bucket!

Add even more fine motor exploration for toddlers!

Change Up the Color Matching for Even More Fun

This color match game is fun exactly as is. But it’s also super adaptable, too.

Your toddler will love this simple game that work on colors and matching!

Try these easy switches to add more challenge or mix it up a bit!

  • Match clothespin colors with objects from around the house or yard. Let your toddler go hunt for a match, then come drop it in the bucket with the clothespin.
  • Encourage number skills by helping your child count to three (or ten!) before she puts the items in the bucket. Count up all the matches at the end, too.
  • Get silly and see who can come up with the funniest way to drop the items in the bucket!

Exploring colors can be hands-on and so much fun! What are your favorite ways to teach colors to toddlers?

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