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30 Ways to Play with Balloons for Kids

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There are so many easy ways to play with balloons! Check out these kid pleasing favorites!

Balloons are a blast! We get them out all year round, trying different creative activities and projects.

Balloons are such a huge hit in our house. I’m always on the lookout for fun ways to play with balloons.

To save me (and, well, you) time later, I pulled together over 30 over my absolute favorite go-to ways to play with balloons!

Looking for a creative twist on a classic: balloons! You'll love these fun ways to play with balloons!

30+ Ways to Play with Balloons for Kids

Balloons can be a ton of fun, but remember to always closely supervise children during balloon play. Balloons are still a choking hazard!

Creative Balloon Activities

Balloons are fun to bounce around, roll, and toss around. Try these cool balloon activities with your kids!

You’ll love these fun free play ideas for kids!

Balloon Art Projects

Balloons are so versatile and stretchy! Which makes them totally amazing when it comes to making cool art projects.

Try these fun art ideas with your kids.

Science Experiments with Balloons

Balloons make the best tools for science experiments! There are tons of cool experiments that use balloons.

Try these fun science experiments with your kids!

Creative Balloon Crafts for Kids

Crafts are such a fun way to play with balloons! We love these creative crafts for kids that all use balloons.

Nervous about getting started with activities? Learn how to do activities with your kids!

Which one will you try together first?

What have you done with balloons? We’d love to check out your creative ideas!

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