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Daughter on Duty! Daddy-Sitting by Eve Coy

Today I’m Daddy-sitting.

He likes to get up early…

This fond little preschooler is a bit sanguine in her description. Actually, Daddy is still sacked out, while his energetic daughter is already wide-awake, and it takes a dive onto his bed and her helpful cat slapping at his hand to rouse him. But at last he’s up, and she “helps” by pouring milk on his cereal (and the table).

But once he’s well fed, his dutiful daughter helps him get his daily workout by towing her behind his bicycle to the park, pushing her swing, and going for a swim in the pool. Excess energy worked off, Dad makes a quick run to the grocery store for dinner supplies. Back home, the girl has her work cut out for her–tea-partying with her cat and doll, coloring her drawings, and building block towers, while Dad takes it easy doing some laundry.


Sometimes he doesn’t watch where he’s going.

But his daughter-on-duty soothes his boo-boo and tries to builds his self-esteem, telling him he’s smart enough to be anything when he grows up–astronaut, nurse, detective, even chocolate maker!

But her dad says there’s only one job he wants right now…

…being my DADDY!

Eve Coy’s gentle vignette of a loving family, Daddy-Sitting (Clarion Books, 2019) is a heart-warming diary of a daddy-daughter duo. Coy’s charming illustrations are slices of daily life, just an ordinary day with daddy in a very loving parent-child relationship. Family love is built that way, one day at a time, and Coy’s cute little preschool girl is one lucky kid, learning the skills of care-taking as Daddy takes good care of her. This one is great to have on hand for Fathers Day or any day.

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