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40+ Gross Motor Activities to Really Get Kids Moving Outside!

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Get outside and really get the kids moving with fun gross motor activities and ideas that are perfect for summer days!

The boys move constantly and are full of a lot of energy. But, for some reason, our hands-on fun has taken a turn to mostly fine motor activities lately.

I’m feeling the need to be outdoors and really move! Summertime is the perfect time to get moving outdoors again.

40+ Gross Motor Activities to Get Your Kids Moving!

Gross motor activities.

Get your kids moving with 40+ gross motor activities for kids!

I’ve always been a huge fan of ways to get the kids to move! Working on big movements and major muscles with gross motor specific activities is the perfect way to really move and learn.

Gross motor activities are some of my favorites because:

  1. It really wears them out! Number one reason by far!
  2. It’s good for them to learn to move in new ways and build muscles and what not and so on… you know… all the technical learning stuff that they’re doing. I don’t know all the reasons and benefits of using their gross motor skills, but I just know its good to do.

Read more about the benefits of moving at the Moving Smart Blog. I like the information about growing your child’s brain with movement.

In the end, I know working their big muscles helps them work on the little muscles, which in turn help their fine motor skills.

So to inspire myself, and others, to get the kids moving, I’ve selected a large handful of activities that will help us get them moving and work on those gross motor skills that are really much needed.

Find more ways to move together on HOAWG’s Get the Kids Moving board on Pinterest.

Super Simple Ways to Gets Kids Moving!

These moving activities are usually perfect for an older toddler. They’re beginning to understand instructions but don’t have the concentration to sit still and actually pay attention for long.

Sometimes, adding a cool material – like newspaper or bubble wrap – makes gross motor play extra fun! Get the kids moving with these creative ideas.

Add an extra element of fun with a friendly challenge. Create an obstacle course or scavenger hunt that invites your kids to get moving!

Sometimes, sticking to the classics is a great way to connect with your kids. Which of these did you enjoy as a child?

We love balancing on a beam to work on gross motor skills!

I know we’ve discovered a ton of cool and creative gross motor activities that will really get my kids moving! We can’t wait to get outside and play together!

How have you gotten the kids moving with a gross motor activity lately? Share your favorites with us!

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