Childhood is a unique experience, and for most people it is often remembered as the best phase of life.

Being a child is a process of building personal knowledge and the world.

One of the ways to enable this knowledge is early involvement with varied activities. This routine of activities makes possible not the cognitive, intellectual as well as emotional development through the contact with other children and different environments.

Among the activities most practiced by children are music, ballet, sport, theater, painting. Any positive activity during childhood will be very useful in neural development and skills.

A child stimulated to explore their abilities and talents early on will also become an adult with a high chance of success in all areas of life.

Remembering that all activity should be practiced as a joke, with pedagogical instruction, and nothing should be imposed or obligated upon the child. The children’s world is colorful, and this is how you encourage skills on childhood , with respect, understanding and patience.

Among the responsibilities of parents in providing a happy childhood to their children is the provision of all sorts of material used throughout this phase.

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