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Family Life--Fiction Summer--Fiction (Grades 4-8)

“I Dance to My Destiny!”: The Penderwicks At Last by Jeanne Birdsall

Lydia believed in dancing wherever she could–on sidewalks, in supermarket aisles, libraries, swimming pools, parking lots. Today her stage was a bench at the bus stop. It was a challenge, dancing on something so narrow, but Lydia took measures to keep from falling–small steps, no leaps, and heavy reliance on upper-body motion. Even though eleven-year-old […]

Babies--Family Family Life--Fiction Fantasy (Ages 1-6)

UP! Tessa Takes Wing by Richard Jackson

Tessa wakes up at moonset, just before sunrise. “UP!” says Tessa. Mom, Dad, and sister Maggie are still sleeping. “Goody,” she says. Borrowing a set of wings from the butterfly mobile above her crib, Tessa bubbles up and floats over the floor, performing some loop-the-loops and backflips. Tess dives down and takes possession of Maggie’s […]

Family Life--Fiction Snow--Fiction (Grades K-3)

Snow Queen (er, KING): King Alice by Matthew Cordell

GOOD MORNING, SIR DAD. It’s not a sled-and-snowball, snow-for-Christmas snow day. It’s an icy, slippy, sloshy, slushy snow day where everyone has to stay inside. It’s a unscheduled official pajama day for everyone in the family–Burpy Baby, Frumpy Bun-on-Top-of-Head Mom, and, of course, Grizzled, Itchy, Yawny Dad, who does not want a sparkly-strawberry cupcake party […]