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Fairy Tales and Folklore--Adaptations Friendship--Fiction Princes and Princesses--Fiction (Grades 4-7)

Power Princesses: Briar and Rose and Jack by Katherine Coville

All Queen Mervyn has ever wanted is about to come to pass in the birth of this long-awaited child. Only one wise woman is allowed to attend the Queen, an unsightly crone named Hilde.–part wise woman, part midwife, and some say part fairy. The time is at hand. Outside the chamber, King Warrick hears a […]

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Autism Spectrum Disorders--Fiction Friendship--Fiction School Stories (Preschool-3)

At the Bottom of the Big Slide: A Friend for Henry by Jenn Bailey

It isn’t always easy to find a friend. In Classroom Six, second left down the hall, Henry was looking for a friend. But Vivianne, who shares his easel in art, is like a kaleidescope–all mixed-up colors. Even her fingernails are each a different color. “My mommy painted them!” Vivianne waved her hands too close to […]

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Diaries--Fiction Friendship--Fiction Middle School Stories Wit and Humor (Grades 5-9)

Rowley’s Revenge! Diary of An Awesome Friendly Kid: Rowley Jefferson’s Journal by Jeff Kinney

ROWLEY: “I wrote the words and drew the pictures all by myself without any help from a grown-up!” GREG: “Yeah and then totally stole my idea.” ROWLEY: “I hope you think it’s good!” GREG: “Trust me, you won’t!” Despite the many times he’s played the fall guy for Greg Heffley, Rowley remains a true friend, […]

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Family Life--Fiction Friendship--Fiction Grief--Fiction household--Fiction moving Running-Fiction (Grades 4-8)

The Big Who Knows: Right As Rain by Lindsey Stoddard

I like my bed because it has two inches of foam that remembers my body. And then, there’s my last memory of him, shaking me awake, whispering. “Hey, sleepyhead.” Locking pinkies. Maybe it won’t be so bad to leave the bed behind. “This way we’ll start fresh….” Mom says. With the grief for the loss […]

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(Grades Preschool-1) Beginning Readers Dogs--Fiction Friendship--Fiction

True Tales of Two Pals: Big Dog and Little Dog: Tales of Adventure by Dav Pilkey

On their adventure walk Big Dog and Little Dog see something a little strange. Big Dog thinks it is a kitty. Ssssss. But it does not smell like a kitty. Big Dog and Little Dog like adventures. But they absolutely do not like smelling like that kitty smells. Bad. Some adventures make for bad smells. […]

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Animals--Fiction Friendship--Fiction Spring--Fiction (Grades Preschool-2)

Dear Spring, Come In! William Wakes Up by Linda Ashman

When William wakes, he feels a change in the air and hears a distant but welcome song. “It’s been a long and wintry wait–We need a cake to celebrate!” William turns to his bedfellows–a motley assortments of snoozing animals–but only Chipmunk makes it up to join him. But cake baking is a big job, and […]

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Conduct of Life--Fiction Friendship--Fiction Skateboarding--Fiction (Grades Preschool-3)

Different Strokes? Pepper And Frannie by Catherine Lazar Odell

Pepper is plodding, pragmatic and risk-averse. Frannie is individualistic, haphazard, and frankly risk-taking. But strangely enough… PEPPER AND FRANKIE ARE BEST FRIENDS. How does that happen? THEY BOTH LOVE A GOOD ADVENTURE. It’s all in the way they approach and prepare for their activities. Frankie is packing up for a weekend skateboarding festival, Wheels in […]

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Friendship--Fiction Scbool Field Trips--Fiction (Grades K-3)

No Talking!! Quiet Wyatt by Tammi Sauer

Quiet Wyatt liked quiet. He was a spectacular tree in the school play. He was a total star at Ninja Camp. Naturally, his teachers appreciated his appropriate silence. That’s probably why Wyatt’s teacher paired him with Noreen on their nature field trip. Noreen was anything but quiet. In fact, Noreen is the notorious class motormouth. […]

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Aliens--Fiction Friendship--Fiction School Stories (Grades K-3)

Um + Gurm =Threep Frints: Best Frints at Skrool by Antoinette Portis

On planet Boborp, childrinx go to skrool. … to listen when their skreecher spleeks… … and to keep their tentacles to themselves. Sometimes childrinx make new frints. Yelfred and Omek were best frints at skrool, until… one recess in which Yelfred makes a new best frint–Q-B. Q-B is COOL. And poor Omek is out in […]

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Dogs--Fiction Friendship--Fiction Pigs--Fiction Superheroes--Fiction (Grades Preschool-2)

Side by Sidekick! Thunder Pug by Kim Norman

Percy was a pug and Petunia was a pig. Even so, they loved doing many of the same things. Percy and Petunia are pals who pair up to play every day. Of course, they pursue separate activities, too. Pug chomps bones, while Petunia prefers vegetarian provender. But they get together at dusk to play hide-and-seek, […]

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Friendship--Fiction Porcupines--Fiction (Grades Preschool-3)

The Nearness of You! I Need a Hug by Aaron Blabey

Everybody needs somebody sometime! But not all bodies are up for some bodies. Nevertheless, Porcupine needs a big hug–bad! “Will you cuddle me, Lou?” Lou the Rabbit says, “SHOO!” With the prospect of those prickles, Joe the Bear says “NO,” four times in a row. Porcupine pitches his request to his elk friend Ken. “NOT […]

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