How to Make a Toddler Turkey Craft with Watercolors and Feathers

Inside: This toddler turkey craft can be adapted for younger and older toddlers, and even preschoolers. A fun way to work fine motor skills during the Thanksgiving theme. Every year I love doing a different turkey craft. We’ve done them with tissue paper circles and popsicle sticks, coffee filters and pipettes, as well as different…

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Pelvic Floor Therapy: The Definitive Guide to Relief

Pelvic Floor therapy is something that nobody wants to talk about it, but it is something I need to address. Pelvic Floor Therapy is a sensitive topic that few women like to discuss in public–even with friends and family members, yet it is something that affects a MASSIVE population of women. More than one-third of American women have a Pelvic Floor Disorder, with almost one-quarter of females in the US suffering from more than one of these severe disorders. These disorders worsen with age, and nearly 400,000 women underwent pelvic organ prolapse surgery in a recent year.


The good news is that thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, more and more ladies are seeking relief for their pelvic pain problems, by way of an efficient and therapeutic procedure known as pelvic floor therapy.



picture of someone doing Pelvic Floor Therapy

Pelvic Floor Therapy


What exactly is the pelvis, anyways?


The pelvis just may be the most misidentified and difficult to pinpoint anatomical region; and indeed, it is even rather difficult to describe the precise location of the pelvis in the human body. The pelvis comprises the area between the thighs and the abdomen (a component of the lower trunk of the human anatomy). The term pelvis also encompasses its bone components, otherwise known as the pelvic skeleton or the bony pelvis.


Who needs pelvic floor therapy? 

As noted, many types of women with a vast variety of pelvic conditions may find themselves in need of pelvic floor therapy, at some point in their lives. These include:


  • Pregnancy and Postpartum: As can be expected, the pelvis–along with the abdomen and other central lower body parts–undergo a great deal of stress, pressure, and change during pregnancy and childbirth; and may not spring immediately back into shape immediately upon the arrival of your bundle from heaven.
  • Pelvic Pain: Both women who experience mild or severe pelvic pain on occasion or during certain activities, and those who sadly must deal with constant discomfort in this sensitive region, may very well be in need of pelvic floor therapy. Sadly, the attainment of this therapy may be delayed because the sufferer is embarrassed to discuss any pain or discomfort originating in a private area, or they may fear that something serious or even life-threatening might be afflicting them. Yet in truth, the process known as pelvic floor therapy can allay or even resolve many instances of pelvic pain.
  • Bathroom Trouble: If you suffer from any number of difficulties in regards to your natural processes, be it incontinence, bladder abnormalities, constipation, bowel movement problems, etc., then you might find relief for these troublesome, embarrassing problems by way of pelvic floor therapy.
  • Menopause: Aside from widely discussed menopausal symptoms such as night sweats and sleep difficulties, that much-discussed change of life called menopause can cause pelvic issues as well. And again, it bears repeating that pelvic floor therapy can help alleviate these problems.
  • Painful Intercourse: The issue of painful sexual intercourse can be a traumatic one in the life of a woman, one that can severely impede her personal life, her marriage, her intimate relationships, and even her sense of femininity, self-esteem, and attractiveness. For these very reasons, it might be very difficult to discuss the quandary of painful intercourse with one’s physician. Yet it is only by sharing the details of this disorder with a trained professional that can you discover its solution; a resolution that also takes the form of pelvic floor therapy.



picture of women discussing Pelvic Floor Therapy Endometriosis

Pelvic Floor Therapy Endometriosis


Pelvic Floor Therapy Endometriosis


If you find yourself facing these all too common situations, or if you are dealing with related illnesses such as endometriosis (the term pelvic floor therapy endometriosis indicates the use of this brand of therapy to treat that prevalent condition in which tissue which generally lines the uterus is discovered outside this organ and across the surface of others, such as the ovaries, the bladder, the rectum, etc., thus causing pelvic, urinary, and/or bladder pain) or vaginismus, then consult your physician about the possibility and the procedure of pelvic floor therapy. And interestingly enough, males suffering from painful or premature ejaculation also can seek relief by way of pelvic floor therapy.



picture of Pelvic Floor Therapy What to Expect

Pelvic Floor Therapy What to Expect


Pelvic Floor Therapy What to Expect


No one exactly looks forward to pelvic floor therapy, as they fear that the procedure will be painful, invasive and even embarrassing. Yet the good news is that, when it comes to modern pelvic floor therapy, a variety of options are available; many of which are minimally invasive and relatively painless in commission.


As far as considering the subject of pelvic floor therapy what to expect, you can seek specific information from your doctor, a mental health professional, or a sex therapist. In general, though, some of the most common and ultra-modern forms of pelvic floor therapy include:


  • Vaginal Dilators: This unique form of therapeutic equipment is comfortable and easy to use method for relaxing and easing the pelvic muscles. These comfortable and easily inserted plastic tubes relax the pelvic muscles and are particularly helpful in combating the problem of painful or uncomfortable intercourse. Throughout the course of vaginal dilator therapy, your medical specialist may ask you to experiment with varying and perhaps increasingly larger sizes of vaginal dilator.
  • Manual Pelvic Floor Therapy: A physician may insert their own fingers for the purpose of massaging and/or stretching one’s pelvic muscles, starting with a mild and shallow digital penetration to test the tightness and sensitivity of the pelvic muscles. Although it is to be expected that most pelvic floor therapy patients will experience discomfort or even pain during initial manual pelvic floor therapy treatments, these feelings should ease if the therapy proves successful. Also be sure to research both the therapy itself and the presiding physician before you begin this form of therapy, to ensure that the procedure is properly and ethically performed.
  • Electric Pelvic Floor Therapy: We know what you’re thinking. “Ouuuccchhhh!!!! No way, unh unh!!!!” Yet please hear us out on this one, as this new age and high tech form of pelvic floor therapy ranks among the most efficient and accurate forms of diagnosis and treatment available today. In the electric pelvic floor therapy known as biofeedback, for example, an electronic probe is inserted into the patient’s vagina to record images of the patient’s pelvic floor images, with a computerized image appearing on a nearby screen. And in the form of electric pelvic floor therapy called electrical stimulation, the medical caregiver administers a low voltage electric current that will instruct patients in the movement and coordination of their pelvic muscular contractions.
  • Education: Perhaps the least invasive–and, in some cases, most helpful and certainly most informative–form of pelvic floor therapy is a matter of education. Some patients may not have a good working knowledge of their personal and reproductive systems. This may be because they originate from a conventional family in which such matters were never discussed, or because they may come from an impoverished background in which physical and health-related education was not readily available. This brand of education, as attained through books, doctor-approved medical websites, and a top quality pelvic floor therapy video, will inform the patient about the anatomical makeup of their pelvis and its inner working; as well as just how to tell as to when something down there isn’t working! And the patient also should learn about the proper maintenance and hygiene upkeep of one’s pelvic area, as poor hygiene or unhealthful personal practices can contribute to and even cause pelvic health disorders. The pelvic floor therapy video may be particularly helpful, as images can do far more than words in terms of displaying and demonstrating the anatomical location and inner workings of one’s pelvis.




picture of women doing Pelvic Floor Therapy at Home

Pelvic Floor Therapy at Home


Pelvic Floor Therapy at Home

Sure, you may just feel a bit sheepish at first while watching this video and perusing these materials; yet just imagine the relief that you will feel as you take your pelvic health in your own hands, perhaps even learning that a simple change in hygiene practices might eliminate your problem–no surgery or intensive therapy needed.


  • Pelvic Floor Therapy at Home: Those who may feel uncomfortable with learning about and practicing most forms of pelvic floor therapy may be relieved to know that multiple forms and varieties of pelvic floor therapy at home options are available. Under the care, supervision, and direction of your physician or sex therapist, you may be able to order plastic dilators for use at home, where you’d be far more comfortable using them anyway, as well as books, videos, and other educational materials. And of course, the most popular and widely used form of pelvic floor therapy would have to be…



picture of Pelvic Floor Therapy Exercises

Pelvic Floor Therapy Exercises



Pelvic Floor Therapy Exercises

Pelvic Floor Therapy Exercises: Many patients are relieved and even excited to learn that–instead of surgery, medicinal drugs or painful treatments, they may indeed be able to exercise away their pelvic pain, discomfort or dysfunction. Exercise is an invigorating and therapeutic form of physical therapy and is ultimately the key to good health. Ah, but before you go rushing into your workout room to put on your favorite aerobicize DVD, keep in mind that–in the big scheme of things–the average jumping jack or sit up ain’t going to do much to help the good ol’ pelvic floor muscles.


Rather, pelvic floor exercises (also known most popularly as Kegel exercises) involve the contraction and relaxation of pelvic floor muscles, with the ultimate goal being to strengthen, stretch and elasticize (or make more flexible) those muscles. Pelvic floor therapy exercises lend ultimate strength to those pelvic muscles beneath the bladder, uterus, and bowel. These exercises are known to do wonders for urinary and bowel relief problems. And, of course, they also can help those dealing with painful and/or uncomfortable intercourse and related issues.


Are you concerned that you may not be able to master the complex art of the pelvic floor therapy exercise? Well, to accomplish the feat of this exercise, just mimic the moves that you make during another important and relatively everyday physical ritual; one that is most tastefully known as answering the call of nature….


Yep. The basic and most essential pelvic floor exercise will feel a lot like going to the bathroom. Ah, but stick with us here; these exercises really work!


To perform a basic pelvic floor exercise, follow this step by step procedure:


  • Empty your bladder.
  • Clench your pelvic floor muscles and count to 10.
  • Release the pelvic floor muscles and once again, count to 10.
  • Complete 10 repetitions of this process, thrice daily.





After you listen to the podcast on pelvic floor exercises, be sure to consult your physician to make sure pelvic floor exercise is right for you. Also consult books, videos and physician-approved websites for details and demonstrations of these and other pelvic floor therapy exercises.


Also know that, on today’s market, a number of aids are available to facilitate all manner of pelvic floor therapy exercises. These include but are not limited to manual and electric exercisers, and kegel aids shaped in the form of common objects such as roses and eggs.





Although many people approach the concept of pelvic floor therapy with some shyness and trepidation, many find that the results of this therapy are affirming and life changing in nature. Depending on their specific pelvic problem, they may find their love life restored and rejuvenated and their marriages and relationships saved; their bathroom schedules returned to normal and their daily schedules and lives restored, not to mention their overall peace of mind; and their lives freed from the pain and discomfort that has held them captive for far too long.


To find out more about pelvic floor therapy near me, please visit



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Healthy Cheese Balls for Kids

We knew there was a way to make healthy Cheese balls for kids by adding spinach, and they turned out amazing!

Parents seem to be split with the idea of hiding vegetables. Some think it’s a terrible idea and we should let the kids see all the veggies they are eating. Others think it’s a great idea, because it enhances the health of the dish, usually in a natural way.  We already don’t “see” everything in our food as it is.   Our cereals are fortified with vitamins and minerals, yet we embrace it. I am in the second camp. I think it’s great. It doesn’t mean hidden veggies need to replace eating vegetables that the kids can see.  Instead we include veggies both ways- hidden and exposed.

So, with that set up I wanted to share the veggies we added to these AMAZING CHEESE BALLS!! Potatoes and spinach! 

Why potatoes are a great ingredient for your kids

Potatoes have lots of amazing nutrients that can not be denied. Potatoes

  • An excellent source of vitamin C  (at 45% of the Daily value, it’s more than a sweet potato!)
  • A good source of potassium. With 620 mg, potatoes have more potassium than a banana.
  • A good source of vitamin B6 : Vitamin B6 is important for carb and protein metabolism.
  • Fat-, sodium, and cholesterol free and 2 grams of fiber.

Why spinach is good for kids:

Spinach is actually well accepted by most kids.  It’s flavor is mild, and it blends well with many different types of dishes that kids are already familiar with. Green smoothies have been a key way that many parents have gotten their kids to consume spinach.  But recipes like these cheese balls are also great!  Some reasons we love spinach include:

  • Spinach contains almost 92% water, 3.5% carbs (mostly from fiber) and 3% protein.  (source)
  • Spinach is also a good source of many vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K1, Folic acid, Iron, and Calcium.

Other Spinach recipes we have that kids also love include:

Other potato recipes that your kids will love:

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Paintbrush Santa Ornament – DIY Christmas Ornament

If you are into recycled crafts, this adorable paintbrush Santa ornament makes a perfect Christmas craft for kids to make. You can even make other characters and all of them will look amazing on your Christmas tree. *this post contains affiliate links* This Santa Paintbrush is a fun and inexpensive way to create a unique […]

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Leaf Rubbings Wreath – An Easy Fall Project for Kids

Make leaf rubbings & create a colorful wreath that will last indefinitely in this easy fall project from Joanna of The Blue Barn.

Glueing leaves to wreath

Hi Joanna Walker here from The Blue Barn and today I’m sharing a project that involves one of my favorite simple fall invitations – leaf rubbings.

This activity is not new to many of you I’m sure. But I wanted to take you through the simple invitation I left out for my children after school one day.  This activity grew and evolved into so many different projects that are great for all ages–all from a simple leaf.

Fall Leaf Rubbings

So to start with, here’s a highlight of the materials we used to create our finished wreaths. However, to begin with a simple leaf rubbing, you will only need a few items from this supply list.

Fall Wreath Leaf Rubbings for Kids

How to Make a Leaf Rubbings WreathThis post contains affiliate links.


  • Plain white paper
  • Oil Pastels (crayons will work too)
  • Tray
  • Watercolor paint – (we like liquid watercolors)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Cardboard hoop
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Materials for Fall Leaf Rubbings Wreath project

1. Prep supplies

I began by setting this project up on a sunny fall day, you know the perfect day where you need a sweater but the sun is warm and breeze smells good.

The kids were coming off the school bus and I didn’t want them to disappear inside and miss the last of the afternoon sun so I had laid out all that they would need to begin, right next to an afternoon snack. Because lets face it no–kid wants to get creative when they are hungry!

On a tray were a few sheets of the white printer paper, oil pastels in fall colors and a few leaves to get them going.

Autumn leaf rubbings

2. Create leaf rubbing

It didn’t take long for them to spot the oil pastels and leaves. I showed them how to take a rubbing from the back side of a leaf and they were off.

Detail of leaf rubbing

To make a good leaf rubbing, place a leaf bumpy side up under a sheet of paper.

Making leaf rubbings

Then, taking an oil pastel, rub the side of the oil pastel over the paper where the leaf is hidden. Note::  It works best to remove the paper from the outside of the pastel first. 

It was interesting to see how my kids all interpreted this simple invitation differently.

Autumn Wreath Leaf Rubbing

My youngest immediately took the tray and all the supplies and went off on a “leaf hunt”.  He wanted me to identify all the leaves he’d made rubbings of when he came back.

He would wander around the garden and when he found an extra special leaf he would bend down and take a print of it.

Boy making leaf rubbings on paper

My other son chose to take a few different shaped leaves and lay them under the paper. He then began to play a kind of hide-and-seek guessing game as to which leaf shape he was making a print of.

Leaf rubbings

My daughter, who is slightly older, took a more scientific approach and found great delight in very slowly uncovering all the different veins and lines on the leaf.

We talked about things she had learned in science and I answered questions it then triggered in my son about how plants eat and drink.

Fall Leaf Rubbings Activity for Kids

After a lot of leaf rubbings and easy chatter we had run out of paper so I collected all the different prints and told the kids we would take them inside and work some magic on them!

Painting watercolors over crayon leaf rubbings

3. Paint leaf rubbings

Next, I mixed up a wash of black watercolor paint. You could choose a more fall like color (yellow, red, orange) but I wanted the colors to pop through for the kids so I chose black.

Boy holding up leaf rubbing project painted with watercolors

We painted all the sheets of leaves and the kids were delighted to see how the paint ran off the oil pastels with the colors showing through.

4. Paint cardboard hoop

We couldn’t let all the pretty leaves go to waste, so while the leaves were drying we painted the cardboard hoops with acrylic paint.

Cutting out fall leaf rubbings

5. Cut out leaf rubbings

Once the leaves were dry we began to carefully cut them all out tracing around the outside of each of the leaf prints.

Glueing leaves to wreath

6. Glue leaves to wreath

Just add glue! Have the kids stick the leaves to their painted rings.

Fall Leaf Rubbings Wreath


Thank you for joining me, I hope you will go and enjoy some simple leaf art with your children. Let us know where it leads you.

About the Author

Joanna of The Blue Barn

Joanna Walker is the creator behind The Blue Barn which offers art experiences for children, and she teaches preschool art classes part-time. She’s a mom to four children ages 13, 11, 9 & 7.

If you’d like to see more ideas from Joanna, you can check out her blog, Blue Barn Living. You can also follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Her favorite place to hang out online is Instagram for the positive, supportive community of each other’s creativity– and there is SO much inspiration to be found.

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Top Mobiles to Help Your Baby Fall Asleep Faster

Everything about child baubles is really beautiful, from the bright colors to the nice drawings on them. Most babies are amazed by these playthings and most parents agree that mobiles are one of the best ways to get kid to sleep all through the night.

How Do Mobiles Help a Baby Sleep?

If you’re wondering just how to calm a baby to sleep, then mobiles might be your answer. Babies love playing with them, and they also enjoy watching the interactive toys swing in the air. This keeps them calm and they eventually fall asleep.

How to Ensure Baby Sleeps Through the Night

Babies often wake up at night and parents are often stressed about that and they want to find ways to get baby to sleep through the night. For your baby to sleep peacefully all through the night, you need to learn some sleep tricks on how to get sleep fast naturally;

  • Get a sleep pattern – This is done by playing actively through the day and keeping it cool at night. The suckling will understand that night is meant for sleep. This is one of the best sleep tricks for babies.
  • Check your lighting – Teach the newborn to always sleep in the dark even during the day, ensure your curtains are drawn. Alternatively, you can use the sleeping lights.
  • Ensure that they are full and dry. Also, clean the child as it tends to leave them feeling nicer. It is also one of the techniques to put baby to sleep.

Before fixing any mobile to your kid’s crib or playmat, there are several safety tips you might need. They include:

  • The placement of the crib toy should be neutral, that is, not too close to the child and not too far from him – just close enough. Fixing the mobile in the right position is the best way to getting baby to sleep in crib at night.
  • Check whether the mobile has detachable parts which the newborn might pick up. Ensure that it doesn’t contain those because they might chock the baby.
  • Install the bauble according to the instructions given in the user guide. This ensures your interactive toy does not fall and get broken.
  • Unfortunately, most mobiles are made for babies between 1 and 5 months. When your baby starts reaching out for things, it’s time to move the plaything from their crib. They might pull them down and probably get into an accident. You don’t want to see your newborn hurt, do you?

Mobiles to Get Your Child Sleeping

Wondering how to make baby fall asleep with mobiles? Here are some really helpful choices:

Musical Baby Mobiles

There are several types of musical mobiles. Some are more advanced than others in terms of technology giving you interesting techniques to put baby to sleep. Some of these have a sensor that can tell whether the baby is still awake or not. Once the baby is asleep, it automatically turns itself off.

Goki Mobile Dragon Baby Toy

The other type of mobiles are the ones that are fixed on either the stroller, hung on his playmat and on his crib. Most kids stare at these baubles and end up falling asleep. This is a nice way to get the baby to sleep naturally, in fact, it might be the best way to get baby to sleep in crib. This particular toy is made inform of dragons that are beautiful and bright. The wings are also detachable allowing you to modify it once in a while.

Fisher-Price Smart Connect Deluxe Projection

This one is a musical mobile that allows you to change and play music while far away using Bluetooth. It also has a long-lasting battery which gives you service for a while. Your child will get used to the songs on the tot interactive toy, and it will help them sleep easier. These kinds of mobiles also keep the baby busy therefore helping you do your work easily.

Tiny Love Meadow Days Soothe and Groove Mobile

This is a musical toy that has excellent features which include, playing for around 45 minutes without being connected to power. It also comes with a collection of songs and a button to fast forward the songs. There is a volume control button so that you can reduce the volume when the baby sleeps.


Baby mobiles are the perfect invention according to most parents. They keep your child occupied and calm. However, remember the child also needs attention from you, even when he’s not crying. Ensure you get lots of bonding time with your child. And for you fathers out there, why don’t you watch the baby when you get home from work? Let the mom rest, watching a baby the whole day can be very tiring, more tiring than you could ever imagine! Give your significant other some time to rest while you be the super dad. Then, invest in a good coffee maker to give you that pick me up in the morning as you head off to work!

Was this article helpful? Do you have any other wonderful mobile that’s worked for you? Let us know in the comment box.

Author’s Bio: Tommy is a freelance writer and tutor. He studied journalism at New York University. Also, he loves traveling, camping, and healthy living. Now, as a dad of two, he is constantly on the lookout for tips and tricks to make life easier and spend more time with his family.

How to Draw a Turkey

Learn How to Draw a Turkey with our Step by Step Turkey Drawing instructions. If you are a teacher and want to do a Thanksgiving project with your kids, why not teach them this? Perfect for  beginners too! Love simple how to draw tutorials for kids? We have many waiting for you. *this post contains affiliate […]

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Wood Block Snowman Craft – The Best Christmas Craft this Season

Bring new life to scrap wood (or get wood blocks from the store) by making this gorgeous wood block snowman craft!  This adorable little Christmas craft will make a wonderful decoration for your home, and it’s really easy to make! *this post contains affiliate links* This project is great both for kids and adults, and […]

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Toddler Christmas Advent: 25 Days of Easy Activities Ebook

Can you believe Christmas is almost here?

Are you tired of feeling disorganized or frazzled during the holiday season?

Are you overwhelmed with how many Christmas ideas are out there?

Do you want a plan that is easy to follow this December?

I’ve designed a Toddler Christmas Advent ebook to help you solve these problems and more! 

If you’re ready to have your December planned for you,

Monster Coloring Page

One of our play trays (see preschool activity trays) for the week was this printable make a monster coloring page. I had these eye stickers that we haven’t gotten around to using yet and I knew this monster canvas was the perfect way to spark my 5 year old’s creativity.

monster eyes coloring page

This activity set reminded me of the printable drawing frames  that I created and that many of you loved to pair with the activities in my Fingerprint Art activity.

montessori tray

Monster Coloring Page

I left the activity tray on my daughters craft table (we LOVE this table) and as soon as she saw it she jumped right in!


The thing with these activity trays is that while I may direct her with an activity idea (monster coloring page mixed with sticker eyes and crayons), but she also gets to infuse her own personality, interests, likes and dislikes. She wanted to add markers to the mix (especially these scented ones that she’s been wanting to try.)

art activity for kids

I know that the Handwriting Without Tears workshop instructor (and occupational therapist) mentioned that we should encourage our children to use crayons more and markers less since children have to work a bit harder to use the crayons therefore gaining more hand strength I still wanted to let her guide her way so that she enjoyed the activity.

Let your kids direct their play and craft time.

printable art activity for kids

The monster coloring page activity gave me about 20 minutes of quiet time at home where I could sit down and grab one of my 4 cups of caffeine for the day in peace. 😉

Definitely an activity well done and the potential for it is so cute.

If you don’t have these sticker eyes then how about using Googly Eyes? It would be just as cute and totally unique? Or how about you throw both of them on the activity tray and see what your child does with it?

If you don’t have googly eyes then don’t stress! Just use it as a coloring page, I bet you it will still turn out pretty cool. Children can create their own eyes. You could add in some glue with glitter and make glitter filled monsters. It would be amazing to see how your younger child does this activity versus an older child. (Try it each year!)

make a monster activity

I paired this activity during the week while we read the following monster themed books:


and the Monsters Love School book that we had when we did our Color Mixing Water Activity For Kids.

For another fun art activity with a monster theme, especially one to use with your googly eyes check out the Fancy Monster Finger Paint Hand Prints post.

You can grab the monster coloring page below:

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monster coloring page

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Best Thanksgiving Activities

25 Thanksgiving activities for kids includes fun Thanksgiving Crafts, worksheets and Thanksgiving activities for kindergarten, preschool and toddlers.   

  I absolutely love Thanksgiving. Gathering around the table with loved ones, sharing everything we’re thankful for, and, of course, the food! Here are thanksgiving activities for kids. They are some of my favorites ways to practice gratitude, decorating, and learning about the history of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Activities

thanksgiving activities for kids

Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

Not only are these beaded napkin rings beautiful, but they mean so much more than store bought!

While you’re at it, have them make some adorable pie-inspired garland to finish off your decorations!

Enjoy the delicious smell of pumpkin pie while the kids get in some sensory play with this pumpkin pie playdough recipe.

Read the wonderful book “Bear Says Thanks” and afterwards enjoy songs, drawing, and a simple craft with your preschooler.

Learn all about Indian corn and try out this stamping activity to make your own!

These pine cone turkeys are so cute, and a great way to put scrap supplies to use.

Even little ones can help make these Autumn tree pop-up cards!

This is adorable! Serve up these cute acorn-themed treats for a fun, seasonal dessert.

Add some homemade butter to your Thanksgiving feast!

It’s not really Thanksgiving without some turkey-themed crafts, is it? Take your hand turkeys to the next level with this approach that combines the whole family.

Or turn those hand prints into a keepsake ornament with this salt dough recipe!

Not only are these thankful turkeys super cute, they also help teach kids the concept of gratitude!

Incorporate some pretend play with these easy-to-make turkey puppets.


Thanksgiving Printables for Kids

Printables are a great way to work on the alphabet, counting, and motor skills while still having fun!

Print out some adorable napkin rings and brighten up your table. Bonus points for keeping the kids busy writing and drawing some of the things they’re thankful for!

Learn about the life cycle of pumpkins with this fun printable pack!

While you’re at it, teach them about the turkey life cycle as well!

Work on addition skills with this turkey-themed matching game.

This hands-on Pumpkin Twister printable will help your preschooler learn colors, follow directions, and distinguish left and right.

These thankful journals will get your kids thinking about everything they’re grateful for.

Do your kids know the origins of Thanksgiving? This printable pack will teach them the history of the holiday, along with working on numbers, letter matching, and writing.

This Thanksgiving game is so easy to set up, and a great way to practice numbers!


Get coloring with this Turkey shape matching activity.

If your kids love word search puzzles, this Thanksgiving themed word search is sure to be a hit!

This simple thanksgiving craft uses items you probably already have at home! Make a turkey with a paper cup and some feathers!

These Thanksgiving theme pattern mats are such fun too.

We are going to try several of these Thanksgiving activities! If you have any other favorite activities for the holiday, tell us more in the comments!


thanksgiving crafts

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Air Force Mama Pumps As She Races For Personal Best in Ironman Race

An Air Force mama pumps as she runs an Ironman RaceAn Air Force Mama snatched a personal record in an Ironman race last month, but we’re marveling at how she made sure she included pump time in her run!

Jaime Sloan is a 34-year-old, Active Duty Air Force Airman ROCKSTAR. Last month, she ran an Ironman race, with her second child being born just a few months before in March. Sloan knew from the beginning of the race that she’d be pumping breastmilk at a planned brief stop, but when it turned out that she was running a personal best? She decided to take that milk show on the road.

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In an interview with FoxNews, Sloan shared that she had just finished the 56-mile cycling portion of the contest and that when she got off the bike, she knew it was time to pump. She also recognized that she had just had an incredible bike ride and was running a personal best. She’s already completed two other 140.6-mile Ironman races, so she knew every second mattered.

So, she did what she had to do to make her baby’s food and run her best at the same time–she pumped on the run.

One of the things that she worried about, though, was that the Ironman Race has strict ‘no-nudity’ policies and so she worried about the cloth over her top moving or something happening and she’d be disqualified altogether. She said that mostly, people didn’t even notice, but when they did, she got positive reactions. When women noticed, she said she got big smiles and two men ran up to her and asked if she was okay. Sloan believes they thought she might have been bleeding or needed assistance because they saw the cloth, but once they knew what was going on, they were completely encouraging.

Sloan’s husband is also an active-duty airman and she trained for the race in the early morning before her children got up. She completed the race in six hours, twelve minutes and 44 seconds–a personal best for her–and especially exciting since she’d suffered with sciatica issues while she was pregnant with her son. She said she could barely even walk when she was about five months pregnant with him, so when she was able to run again, she was excited.

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Sloan also has a 2-year-old daughter, Henley, and she hopes that Henley learns that even with a lot of stuff going on in our lives, and even if we have to be a little creative at times, we can make amazing things happen. Focusing on the race helped her deal with postpartum anxiety as well.

Congratulations, Airman Sloan! We salute you!

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Maternity Nurses Make Sure Laboring Moms’ Voices Matter

Maternity Nurses in Manhattan make sure moms' voices matterAmerica had a record voter turnout for a midterm election, and a couple of maternity nurses in a Manhattan hospital helped that happen, ensuring that laboring mothers and sick patients had the opportunity to exercise their right to vote as well.

Many people took advantage of the right to vote in America’s midterm elections, with record turnouts all over the country and nearly half of all eligible voters turning in ballots.

But what happens if you’re hospitalized on election day, and you didn’t vote early? For many, their voice is not heard and the opportunity lost.

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That was not the case at the Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan, though. There, two maternity nurses took matters into their own hands and created a system that allowed laboring moms and other sick patients at the hospital the opportunity to fill out their ballots and have them count.

Erin Ainslie Smith and Lisa Schavrien came up with a pilot program at their facility that let patients vote, with the help of nurses and volunteers. Off-duty nurses and other volunteers went to pick up absentee applications from the patients’ Board of Elections office and then brought them back to the hospital for the patient to complete. Then the volunteers took the ballots back so that all voices could be counted.

Even the ones who were laboring! Smith said that their goal wasn’t to take sides, but to help patients have the opportunity to voice their choice. They wanted to facilitate the opportunity. Smith said she had an idea to do something before the 2016 general election. That year, Schavrien also helped one of her patients vote. The pair looked at other hospital voter programs around the country and when they didn’t really find anything, created their own program parameters.

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The duo hopes to make it so that every patient in the 2020 general election will be able to vote, regardless of hospitalization, and we’d love to see it go into Labor and Delivery departments all over the country.

Photo: Lenox Hill Hospital/Facebook

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Healthy Mini Cinnamon Rolls

Try these AMAZING, HEALTHY Cinnamon Rolls for a holiday brunch or weekend breakfast!

I knew I wanted a healthier cinnamon roll on the blog for at least a decade.  My oldest son is really good at making cinnamon rolls, and there were many weekends we enjoyed them. However, the way he made them was drenched with butter, topped with HUGE amounts of brown sugar, white sugar and cinnamon. Don’t get me wrong… they WERE amazing. But I knew we could do better, and I knew that with just a few modifications, we could still have them be delicious, while cutting back on most of the sugar we were using.

This new recipe for healthy cinnamon rolls is the answer!  We now have several people on our team working on these recipes, and testing them to make sure they don’t just turn out once, but that they can be made again and again with very little problems.  The girls on our team are not only great cooks, but they have families that taste test all the recipes that come through our site.  Kid approval is a top priority here!

What is whole wheat pastry flour?

These cinnamon rolls started with some whole wheat pastry flour.  Regular whole wheat flour is more dense and heavier. When you want to create a more delicate pastry, but are trying to use as much whole wheat as possible, whole wheat pastry flour is a great option.  According to the Bob’s Red Mill site,

Many people ask how whole wheat pastry flour is different from whole wheat flour. It’s simple: whole wheat pastry flour is milled from white soft wheat, whereas regular whole wheat flour is milled from red hard wheat. It has a lower protein content than regular whole wheat flour and it makes wonderfully tender whole grain baked goods like pie crust, muffins, quick breads, pastries and cookies, yet it still retains the nutrients of the bran and germ.  (source)

Why these cinnamon rolls are different:

Unlike cinnamon rolls that require time to rise, this is just mix and bake! You can literally have the most amazing healthier cinnamon roll for breakfast in 30 minutes flat!  Another way these are different is what we decided to use for the frosting to make it healthier. Instead of powdered sugar and butter, we are using Greek yogurt cream cheese! Yes, this is a thing, and it’s AMAZING. Check your local store by the other cream cheese products to see if you can get it locally.

For the filling, we used coconut sugar. Coconut sugar has a RICH flavor that allows you to use less sugar to get a powerful taste. 

And there you have it! How long are you going to wait to try these out?  Get started making them for your next holiday get together and your friend and family will love you for bringing them.

Other delicious recipes we have for bakery breakfast items:

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Sugar-Free Pumpkin Pie

This Sugar Free Pumpkin Pie has a grain free, gluten free and nut free sweet crust with a creamy keto pumpkin pie custard filling all made sugar free and no one will notice the difference!


Low Carb Pumpkin Pie

Traditional pumpkin pie made healthier with a grain free coconut flour pie crust and a sugar-free filling is everything as good as the…

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Handprint Christmas Tree

This handprint Christmas tree craft makes a wonderful ornament for your tree and a keepsake to treasure for years to come. Why not make one each year and see the little hands change throughout the years? Oh so precious. We’ve got plenty more of jolly ideas – browse through some of our best Christmas craft […]

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Best Playdough Activities For Kids

There’s nothing better than hands on learning activities. Playdough activities have been my go-to entertainment for my kids for the last decade and they never get old. The best part is that my kids actually think they are playing and don’t even realize how beneficial playing with play dough is for their fingers, hands and future handwriting skills! Here are some of my favorite things to make with play dough, play dough recipes and play dough mats and printables!

These fun playdough activities are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to strengthen those fine motor skills and future handwriting too!

Playdough Activities

Make sure to save this list as your go to resource for the best play doh activities!

Playdough Activities for Kids

things to make with play doh

Use playdough to help your preschoolers increase fine motor skills and enjoy learning about new fruit!

Do your kids love books? They are going to love this Dragons Love Tacos themed playdough activity!

This is adorable! Help your kids learn this stuck in the mud playdough game to help them increase their fine motor skills.

Why didn’t I think of that? Create your own playdough maze to practice writing skills.

things to make with play dough

I can’t believe how cute this activity is for little learners! Grab your own plates and open up your kids creative mind with playdough.

What a beautiful way to invite kids to create with mermaid themed playdough! This is perfect for opening up creativity on a rainy day.

Create your own woodland wonderland as a great way to develop language and story telling skills for your kids

I love this idea! Practice color mixing with playdough.

There are so many learning benefits to playdough. Here are some great ideas for visual processing.

best play dough toys

I have worked to fill our house with educational toys my kids can’t wait to play with over and over again. Take a look at one of our favorite Play Doh toys here. We are always incorporating playdough toys into our playdough activities because they were made specifically for dough to go through! Your child will make such fun creations.

Create your own STEM themed playdough challenge. Simple and perfect for your young kids.

Do your kids love zoo animals as much as mine? Grab your favorite animal friends and create a learning activity your kids will want to play with over and over again.

I’m in love with this jungle themed invitation to create with playdough.

Engineer something amazing with playdough and material you already have at home!

Is it time for spring? Then this Spring Play Dough Flowers is the perfect activity!

Play Dough Printables for Kids

Incorporating printables into our playdough activities has literally kicked up our playdough time at home a few levels. They are the perfect way to work on counting!

play dough activities for kids

Have you seen this gorgeous apple tree play dough counting mats? My daughter LOVES these printable playdough activities!

Working on an insect theme unit in your preschool? Then try out these Ladybug Playdoh Math Counting Mats.

I love these number play dough mats. Children will build the number as well as create the number word too.

Oh and have you seen this at home play dough party ? Its a pretend birthday party that is tons of fun! Play dough cupcakes are definitely one of my favorite play dough activities that are super fun and super easy.

educational play dough mats

If you haven’t added playdough mats to your kid learning, NOW is the perfect time. Learning short e is so much more exciting when it’s hands on.

Enjoy learning the alphabet with simple playdough games!

Learning numbers have never been so much fun! Help your kids learn their numbers with hands on learning.

This is fantastic! Help your kids learn more about their emotions with playdough mats.

I’m in love with educational printables! You too? Your going to love helping your preschoolers learn short a with this printable playdough mat set.

Learning the alphabet is more fun with playdough. Print and learn in just minutes!

When you teach your youngest learners their shapes, use playdough mats. They will love the hands on learning and you’ll love the hours of entertainment.

Playdough Recipes for Kids

cooked playdough recipe

We have made our own playdough for years! It’s so much fun and super easy. Plus, this one is our go to recipe for all of our playdough activities.

Want the kids to help and your worried about the hot stove ? Then check out the Best Playdough Recipe No Cook version!

Don’t have cream of tartar at home? Then skip it using this easy recipe for kids.

There are always amazing scents around our home. I’m sure it’s the same for yours! Your going to love making scented dough for kids to enjoy!

Do your kids love themed playdough? Make your own solar system edible playdough recipe!

There are so many great reasons to make cooked playdough. It’s soft, smooth and it a brighter color. Give this cooked playdough recipe a try.

I love how simple playdough is for little kids to make! They’ll need your help the first couple times, then they can make their own. It’s one of our favorite things to make with play dough.

Yummy smelling playdough is the best. Try making cappuccino scented playdough for your kids today.

Two ingredients? LOVE this quick and easy recipe for kids.

If you have kids that need oral stimulation, take a look at this simple edible unicorn poop playdough!

We are going to try several of these playdough learning activities for kids! If you have any other suggestion or examples of how you use playdough for learning, tell us more in the comments!

playdough activities

Do you have something fun to add to our list of playdough activities for kids? Leave it in the comments section below.


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