pregnancy, baby care, kids care, childrem care
pregnancy, baby care, kids care, childrem care
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The Importance of Sensory Stimulation for Baby’s Sleep

Babies go through an extremely delicate developmental phase between their birth and 18 months. While you may claim (with absolute justification) that each developmental stage of a child is just as delicate before they reach adulthood, it is also fairly undeniable that, within the first 18 months, every imaginable physical and psychological dimension of your […]

pregnancy, baby care, kids care, childrem care
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Culturally Diverse Fairy Tales – 11 picture books for your classroom

The casting for the live adaptation of The Little Mermaid was announced and some people reacted to the announcement that Ariel will be portrayed by a Black actress with shock and dismay. It surprised me how some people I considered to be open-minded and accepting were reacting with anger about a fictional character. My second […]

pregnancy, baby care, kids care, childrem care
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3 Mistakes to Avoid Immediately After Birth | Mother Rising

Have you ever paused to think about how culture impacts the process of giving birth? Do you ever wonder what giving birth in other countries is like?  Have you ever considered that there may be certain practices our culture has adopted less because it’s evidence based but more because it’s “just what we’ve always done”? […]

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Exfoliating Salt Scrub- Remove Dead Skin Cells & Get Glowing Skin Again

Treat yourself by making this homemade exfoliating salt scrub! It will remove all your dead skin cells and make your skin glow again. Make sure to follow Crafty Morning on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram or subscribe to our Weekly Newsletter! 🙂 This post may contain affiliate links, read our Disclosure Policy for more information. The […]

pregnancy, baby care, kids care, childrem care
pregnancy, baby care, kids care, childrem care
pregnancy, baby care, kids care, childrem care
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Painting Exploration with Shoes for Preschoolers

Art with preschoolers can serve many different functions. Sometimes kids are exploring colors concepts and color mixing. Other times you may be reinforcing shapes or patterns. Sometimes you are looking for specific types of results or outcomes. Other times kids can explore materials as they choose, experimenting with media and process. This painting activity is […]

pregnancy, baby care, kids care, childrem care
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Pregnant Mamas: Our March 2020 Due Date Club Is Now Open!

Hey pregnant mamas who are due in March! We’d love you to join our March 2020 Due-Date Club.  It’s a safe space where natural-minded mamas can share advice, info, and experiences about their pregnancy journey! We’ll share lots of information about how your natural mama journey can be enriched, and we encourage you to share as well! […]

pregnancy, baby care, kids care, childrem care
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15 Amazing Preschool Space Activities

Inside: This compilation of preschool space activities adds 15 out-of-this-world science fun that your kids will love! Adding a space theme to your preschool classroom adds so much possibility for creativity and imagination. As new information about our universe is being discovered all the time, this category is constantly growing. If you’ve been a teacher for… […]