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Toddler and Preschool Penguin Theme Ideas

 Inside:  There are so many fun toddler and preschool penguin theme ideas! We not only made penguins, but we also explored them at the light table and the exploration table. We even had fun dancing like penguins! Free printables are included.   After kicking off the winter season with our snow and ice theme, we… […]

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SpirityYSol’s Beautiful Imagery of Motherhood

Catie Atkinson, the artistic mama behind the small shop SpiritYSol, is inspired to share a collective journey of motherhood through beautiful imagery. Catie created her premier piece of birth art during an intense first trimester with her second child. Titled, “Believe,” this work, featuring a powerful birthing mantra, remains her favorite. At the time, it […]

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Newborn Sleep Schedules By Week

Newborns generally eat, poop, and sleep around the clock in the early days, but what does a newborn’s sleep schedule typically look like? This post shares sample newborn sleep schedules by week. You can peruse all the schedules by scrolling down or use the quick links below. You may also want to bookmark this page […]

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Picture Books About Activism, Protest, and Standing Up for Others

Activism can mean going to marches holding signs, or it can simply be a child standing up and telling their friend what they just said is unkind. Like everything in education, we early childhood educators must take big ideas, huge goals, future skills and break them down into small easy to accept lessons. These books […]

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Wonderful Winter Crafts for Dreary Days

When the first snowflake falls, the world becomes a winter wonderland…however, as winter drags on, the cold can feel less than magical. If you live in the Midwest like I do, you’re no stranger to a bitter, beautiful winter, often asking yourself “How can it look this gorgeous but be this cold?” Don’t let the […]

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How To Make Homemade Baby Food: Fruits

Few things taste better than fresh fruit. Sure, chocolate is divine, but a fresh, juicy strawberry? Heavenly! And we bet your baby agrees. She’s bound to love the natural sweetness of fruit, and you’re bound to love the loads of vitamins and minerals that fresh fruit provides. One of the best ways to ensure that […]

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Red Beans and Rice Wrap

Bundle up these gently-seasoned red beans and rice in a whole grain wrap for an easy dinner that’s kid-friendly, handheld, and plant-based, too. When you think of classic red beans and rice, you probably think of the long-simmered Louisiana dish full of Cajun spices and bits of meat. Delicious and nutritious? Absolutely. Beloved by picky […]

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Postpartum Depression Changed the Way I Parent

It happens to many women- 50% of all new moms in fact– but before having a baby I never considered it would happen to me. I had wanted to be a mother my entire life, and I thought I would be that happy, loving, soaking up every moment of motherhood type of mom you see […]

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When Are You Most Fertile?

People Images / Getty Images When are you most fertile? If you’re trying to get pregnant, you’ll ask yourself this question at some point. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to figure out, assuming that all of your parts (and his!) are working properly. It really comes down to timing; there’s a certain window […]

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Military Mamas With Partners On Deployment At Higher Risk For Postpartum Depression

As researchers are always looking at postpartum depression and risk factors in an effort to better understand and treat new mothers, new information suggests that for the partners of military service members, postpartum depression may be more prevalent. The international study was published in the Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps and suggest that […]

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The Best Pregnancy Books of 2018 | Mother Rising

2018 was a good year for pregnancy books!  If you’re interested in pregnancy (or find yourself pregnant… squee!) AND love to read, you’re going to love this to-do book list.  The best pregnancy books of 2018 are a solid pick that will encourage you towards a healthy pregnancy, natural childbirth, and happy postpartum. The Best Pregnancy […]

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How to Make Hand Puppets for Kids

Learn how to make hand puppets for kids in this easy make & play project by Danielle Falk of Little Ginger Studio. Have you ever wanted to make hand puppets for kids? Well here is a fool-proof no-sew puppet-making project that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages (and their grown-ups). Kids LOVE playing […]

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Toddler Triangle Shapes Activity that Also Builds Fine Motor Skills

Inside: Here’s a fun toddler triangle shapes activity that is perfect for with playdough. The pressing motion is a great way to strengthen those hands and fingers, getting them ready for using writing tools. And it’s super easy to set up! I am often asked how I teach shapes to our toddlers. Truly, it’s all… […]

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Learning About Rosa Parks

With Martin Luther King Day and Black History Month (in the US) coming up soon, we thought that it would be a good time to learn a little about Rosa Parks – a brave lady who made a big change by taking a stan

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