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Eyz wide shut reviews

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Send us more details! Enjoy a reviewx liquor bar and nightly buffet. Explore the lifestyle and culture of Eyz Wide Shut and arouse your attitude, tempt your taste and magnify your mode of living as an individual or group.

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Do you have theme parties and do I have to participate to attend?

Eyz wide shut

If nothing else, they make interesting conversation starters. The door on the right takes you to the front area with the bar, dance floor, food and social areas. Okay so what are getting ourselves into. When we arrived, the lady at the front desk gave us a key to the room and asked us to look at the room to make sure it was 'up to our standards' and the stench inside the room was that of a homeless shelter.

Overall, we like Eyz Wide Shut. All he can say is sorry and leaves.

We respect your privacy. There are a lot of ways to have fun here.

As they did, the rest of the audience thinned. As we mentioned earlier, you will need to leave the building and then reenter through another door. There is plenty of room to mingle, dance, drink and generally socialize.

Frequently asked questions

Playroom score 9. There are even curio cabinets filled with a collection of sexy games, decorations and oddities. They are fully d and stocked. The watchers are watched, too.

Eyz wide shut fantasy club tampa - video dailymotion

Enjoy a full liquor bar and nightly buffet. Will we feel uncomfortable? Sexy clothing for women and handsome attire for men is always appropriate. There is wider age mix here than you rrviews find at many clubs. The crowd was just right making more room for us to enjoy the dance floor.

As you might imagine, we drew a crowd. There are no cell phones, cameras or any other type of recording device allowed inside the lodging side. The music was great and the staff is very friendly.

Service is slow. We have some good memories of some nice adventures there.

Generous quantities of towels and sheets are provided nearby. We have NO tolerance for bad behavior. I'm not a drinker and my friends didn't come there to drink so they brought their own and drank in their cars, anyone that goes out knows that "bars" charge a arm and a leg for drinks. Guess it was not for us. All he does is stand there in the sjut of the room and talks as loud as he can so he can be heard over the music and describes all the areas and equipment in the rooms.

And the fact that we are wids in the lifestyle as are our friends meant that we knew how to deal with it. Unlike a lot of clubs, EWS is situated on a main street with large s that let you know you found the place. Will I feel out of place?

Eyz wide shut reviews | tampa restaurants & bars

This is a very good policy. Who can I contact to plan a party at EWS?

Lots of variety. A less experienced couple probably would have bolted into the night. This is not a bottle club.

The decor is out of aide world. A lot of regulars seem to enjoy just hanging out up front, catching up with old friends and making new ones. And it appears that some couples come just to enjoy the night club side and never enter the play area.

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Customer service is always impeccable,from the moment you walk in they treat you like a celebrity. The crowd that attends is beautiful yes sometimes there are full figured people there but who cares. It looks like management has taught them how to behave nicely. On any night they are opened you will find a wide variety of ages, races, and sizes you're sure to find something to your liking. revieqs