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Men sucking men stories

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Men sucking men stories

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Total 0 votes Loading I lay there while he took my cock in his mouth. I had to admit that he sucked cock almost as good as my wife. He had shaved first so emn was none of the scratchy whiskers to tell me that it was a man sucking my cock. We were both in Racine, Wisconsin for a week long seminar.

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Mary had changed into a silk lounging robe.

They talked a lot and Peter and Mary found out that Jim had indeed been desiring them for three years. I'll write this story very explicitly, but wanted to give a quick background. Tom hopped on the floor with me and straddled me.

I felt like I was going to be pulled apart, like his cock was definitely pushing something it shouldn't be, but I soon loved it. As I read this vivid testimony, my cock was rock hard as I imagined the exact same thing happening to me.

Mary and peter's cock sucking | your erotic stories

I saw pearls of precum form on his cockhead, and using my finger I spread the precum over his cockhead and used it to lubricate his shaft and began stroking him again. You may become very glad that you did! He pulled my pants down just far enough so my bare ass was hanging out. This thing was easily 7. When you're in your forties it's tough to have new experiences, to be nervous and excited at the same time it happens when you first have sex, when you first get a job and when you first decide to become a parent She looked at me for a long moment then looked back at Jim.

Shawn jerked me off while I sucked his cock, again I only lasted like thirty seconds.

If you are straight and married or in a relationship with a woman, one of the ideas that may hold you back from exploring your desire to suck cock is cheating. She said something about her not being Jim. Probably not, unless for some reason she mentions it. He held it as the sailor braced his hands against the suckong to keep from falling down.

First bi experience sucking cock for married man - bi sex story

We screwed in the morning and then she left. I watched a few minutes more, adjusting and making space for my own rock hard cock when Frank leaned over toward me, tapping my leg to get my attention, grinned and pointed down the aisle. Peter also had his cock in several male mouths, and his cock in several tight male butts. I flopped back onto my ass and Tom sat into the chair.

I then grabbed his ass and forced that pole almost all the way down. I sat down on by recliner and pulled off my pants and Tom happily helped.

The cute ones must have taken off for other places for the winter. There we were. Jim and I were mne that. So my. Peter watched as she sucked it in and my string of saliva went into her mouth along with it. I had one more chance to not become a cocksucker.

Gay men stories that will make you throbbing hard with lust

Total 0 votes. Just blindfolded and sitting in a chair Suucking six inches. He came here to suck cock and that was thrown out. Shawn dated her for two years. I was always the manly man in school: hot girlfriend, ripped, popular, football player type deal. Linda was five foot three, one hundred and twenty pounds and very sexual. But the reality is that this is an activity your woman can't give you.

I asked her if she really wanted a larger cock.

I'm straight and suck cock!

It was a look of complete, utter satisfaction. She took my virginity and gave me hour long blowjobs. When he first sucked my cock it was something that he had made up his mind to do and he did it.

And I am still straight, but sometimes sucking a dick is alright. I got really horny and popped on some porn.

I moved toward him and shut my eyes and just stofies found his lips. Finally he pulled out-- I didn't know about the enema effect of a buttfuck, but he explained later-- and shot around the crack of my ass.

My first time sucking dick (true story)

Not tied up, not restrained. I began reading stories where suc,ing sucked cock, always searching for straight guy stories who under the right impersonal circumstances explore sucking cock‚Äč. Earlier we had been in a pub drinking tap ale. The following is true story about the first time I decided to try sucking another man's cock. My cock was deep in his throat and it felt great.

What Peter had said was true. As I moved off him he hugged me tightly saying, "Damn that was the absolute best blowjob Wucking ever had buddy. Now is getting ass fucked by a man cheating?