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Romantic depot elmsford new york

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On its website, Romantic Depot boasts that it provides a sex-positive atmosphere that focuses on sexual wellness and non-judgment.

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Romantic depot westchester: map, address and phone number

NA Nadia ivanova Ive been spoiling my family, friends and myself shopping at this store for the past ten years. The staff was very knowledgable and kind, Victoria in particular made my shopping trip easy. The Lingerie Superstore is the latest example of a changing retail landscape on Yonkers' Central Park Avenue, where uses that were formerly not considered or permitted are emerging. Shoot out to Katiana!!!!! Romantic Depot Westchester or the Romantic Boutique is located in the Elmsford area, and features a wide range of adult toys and sexy lingerie items.

Get up, put some pants on, or pasties, whatever and get your panties over here so they can get wet! When I got home I realized there were no logos or markings on the product I got, which was different than the demo they showed me at the store. I look forward to my next visit.

Ive been there many times and had a good laugh with them. Their prices have been reduced. The staff is super friendly! Other organizations.

Working at romantic depot: employee reviews about pay & benefits |

AB Abigail Furgason I was really nervous about initially coming here. The staff is very welcoming, they knew I was new to this. Hey! Erin helped ring me up and complimented my choices as well as made some last minute suggestions. I also enjoyed the amount of selection they had.

Romantic depot

They introduced us to the available sales of the store, giving us offers and reminding us of coupons available. JA Jakki Reckless I came into this store for the first time and was immediately impressed on how clean and organized it was. I would recommend you go elsewhere, or just order from a reputable site online. It's easy, only takes a couple of minutes and you'll help thousands make an informed decision.

Wait, you're the expert. She was incredibly knowledgable, helpful, and above all honest. The staff is discrete - they will ask if you want help, but leave you to browse if that is what you wish.

Romantic depot opens new lingerie superstore in yonkers

It's easy, only takes a couple of minutes and you'll help thousands eepot an informed decision. B Right The staff was very easy going and relaxed. As soon as you go through the door iss a judgement free atmosphere but knowledgeable experience My ificant other was ecstatic to say the least, but is even more excited to check out the merchandise herself in the near future. Romantlc Brandon Meadows Romantic Depot is an excellent sex shop with a wide variety of vibrators, sex toys, lingerie, movies, massage candles, lotions and lubrication.

I actually saw them ask one person to leave who looked like he was 28 years old. Id never been to eljsford adult store before and this was an amazing experience. My name is Bella.

Romantic depot - elmsford, new york | insider pages

Id give them 7 stars but only allowed to give 5 like I told them I was going to do. Highly recommended.

They even gave us some free goodies at the register. I am the General Manager at Romantic Depot Westchester, located at 6 Frontage elmsgord. Im Sooooooo exited to try all of the stuff we got.

D D Castle It was such a pleasure to finally go into a sex shoppe that didnt give me the creeps. Elmsford, NY, Romantic Depot of Elmsford NY deepot obviously the best sex store in the Westchester​, Putnam and Fairfield county areas!

The store's hours have not been finalized, but for now they are open noon to 8 p. The Romantic depot has a large selection of adult toys and videos. I had the pleasure of being helped by Dacia, who didnt hover around me or pester me.

Nsw to have a local, clean store with educated friendly salespeople. Just a few blocks away from Lingerie Superstore, the operator of a restaurant at Central Park Ave. They made me feel very comfortable. The store is a lot bigger than it looks, and it has an incredible atmosphere. On its website, Romantic Depot boasts that it provides a sex-positive atmosphere that focuses on sexual wellness and non-judgment.

If you havent been to the Romantic Depot, my Home Depot at the Elmsford location then you are a fool.

After a few minutes of browsing and chatting with Tina, another employee named Erin came out, greeted me and also offered to help me. I will most definitely be back!

Sep SA Sandra Gomez Had a great time the other nite. This a a true gem of a store hidden away, and located on the entrance to the NYS thruway E in Elmsford off 9a, at the light across the street from Wendy's, Also what I find nice is they do not have them gross peep show booths and i noticed the security ids all the younger looking patrons which exemplifies the stores commitment elmsofrd not allowing underage teens into the store which is yucky.

Perfect if you want to spice things up a bit. The store is in a very remote area, and parking is plentiful.

Jul They know my lady bits are my most important part of my body and they always make sure I am leaving with the top of the line product and a smile on face. The selection was amazing. I told the sales eelmsford what I was looking for and she showed me a wide variety of what might work. They took me through everything I wanted to look at, pulled items from the back, and talked me through all of my options.

This was one of the romantc shopping experiences I have ever had, I left feeling super sexy and confident.