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Spacer x stories

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Spacer x stories

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Revision status Former Part 85 and much other new material for earlier parts is included in this release. All parts have been reed consecutively. Information on the structural stoeies and goals of this work have been added at the end of Part 0, the Introductionwhich is where any new reader should start. Six Times a Day has been throughly revised, with ificant new text and illustrations. It now totals over 4. Alternate editions, including a grayscale edition and a safe-for-work edition without any illustrations, are available on the SpacerXStories.

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Many parts of Six Times a Day still need serious editing, so are likely to contain typographic errors, transposition errors, inconsistencies and other obvious problems. Jackson: Alan's elderly third period art teacher.

She is a high school senior, the head varsity cheerleader, the de facto high school social queen, and girlfriend of "Rock" Rockwell, the varsity football quarterback. Part Shop Around : Susan's hungry butt needs some attention. This website includes adult or explicit content. She is Amy Pestridge's best friend, a high school junior, in the gifted and talented track, and a member of the varsity cheerleading squad.

Heather confides her lust to Simone, and spacer x stories a few feelings she doesn't understand. Heather starts her inner bitch training. have read the story on adult literature sites, quite long so a hell of a lot to is based on the illustrated story of "6 Times a Day" By: Spacer X. He later visits Christine at her home. She is Heather's rival to be the high school's social queen and erstwhile "friend". Suzanne gives Brenda advice on seducing her son. Her tongue is long spacfr that she storiess lick the tip of her nose.

6 times a day | spacer x stories wiki | fandom

Xania and Suzanne have a special lunch with Ginger. The next day, they start corrupting their neighbor Amy.

Welcome - Spacer X Stories. She stands at five storues eleven inches tall, has very dark reddish-brown hair, green eyes, and extremely pale skin. Jerry: Another lineman for the high school football team. She is an attractive woman at five foot seven inches tall, with long, colored blonde hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin.

Another Tuesday with abnormality checks, leading to fun with some dessert. Unfortunately for her, Alan decides he prefers chocolate. Visit the author's forum for freewheeling discussion about the story and its characters, and updates on the story's progress.

6 times a day

Susan loses control and lets her competitive side take over. Suzanne just happens to have a friend who can help. Other Students Simone Hendrix: The eighteen year old is the best friend since childhood and frequent sexual partner of Heather. Brenda and Adrian get very excited with each other.

Server location. Randall: Alan's second period English teacher.

Susan gets punished, or does she? Alan gets to know Akami better, non-sexually as well as sexually. She is attractive with long brown hair, brown eyes, and light skin.

Welcome - spacer x stories

She wpacer a very Nordic appearance and stands at five foot nine inches tall with light blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. She is keenly interested in and encouraging of her daughter's blooming, romantic relationship with Alan. Helen Morgan: The thiry-nine year old mother of Heather. Latest check, 3 weeks ago.

Suzanne meets with Glory and tries to help out. He's somewhat chubby, short, squat, and fairly hopeless with girls.

The third official S-club meeting is successful. Domain info. Susan helps him enjoy his memories of the trip when he returns home. Susan and Suzanne try to work out their differences with a fantasy about Glory. Katherine enjoys the end to the ban on sex in the house. In spite of the decision to keep things non-sexual, Alan has fun with Glory. There's also fun with phone calls, handcuffs and vibrators.

Six times a day - an e-novel by spacer x

Christine has an interesting shopping trip where she encounters a schoolmate. Katherine reveals her secret lust for Alan in dramatic fashion. She has a stand-offish, blunt demeanor, but is fiercely passionate. She is five foot five inches tall with medium brown hair, hazel eyes, and lightly tanned skin.

▷ : welcome - spacer x stories

He is closest to his son and spends time fishing with him. She stands five foot five inches tall with short, dark brown hair, blue eyes, and light skin. Katherine, Amy, Susan and Suzanne do their best to get Alan's mind off his troubles.

Katherine and Amy chat. Devoted to his highly successful business, he is rarely home. Brenda reveals some shocking news to Adrian and seduces him even more. She is nicknamed "Glory" by Alan.

I've read the first few instalments of six x, i lost the story series in the shuffle that can be literotica and never picked it up again 'Twas good from what I. Some of the others get swept up into sexing things up as well. She is a high school junior, best friends with Janice, and is currently dating Dean Howell. He and Amy hardly even look like siblings and have almost nothing in common.