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Titans chat

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Titans chat

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Next up: chasing the Vince Lombardi Trophy. This time, it was known as the Super Bowl — indeed, Lamar Hunt is credited with coming up with the name — and chhat Chiefs hammered Minnesota with the typical Wild West offensive flair and a staunch defence. Those are characteristics that helped carry KC this season. Henry was held to 7 yards rushing in the second half.

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Paul Kuharsky Not this season. Paul Kuharsky PM Thanks.

Isn't it possible CJ has a monster day against Seattle? Paul Kuharsky I'll be surprised if they win the next two.

The titans chat room

But Zach Brown was "progressed" last year, wasn't he? He was a destructive force.

I hope he's in the lineup relatively soon. I assume a players pay is broken down into 16 game checks. There are rights issues at play with such things, and I don't have a very close vantage point for such thing.

Of course, game plan may not matter versus PM Hunter can pull a safety deep. Caleb TN Thoughts on why we have been holding Hunter off of the field?

I don't know if they are talking contract with anyone at this point. Naturally, Mahomes complemented that with sharp passing, spreading the ball on short and deep throws.

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That gave the Chiefs a lead. Take the touchback more often. That's the same check for everybody.

Paul Kuharsky PM. When the Titans and Broncos line up, stopping the run game is not a priority, or shouldn't be.

Link for tonight's colts-titans chat

Watt isn't easy for a good veteran better yet a good rookie. Cyat Kuharsky PM If they didn't like a veteran or find him to be worth what he was due to be paid, why play him and pay it? Stop the run, put it on the quarterback, making things one-dimensional and maximizing chances to rush. Shaun TN Interested in your opinion. Tifans Kuharsky Wouldn't be a giant surprise for the Jets to chxt.

Titans chat Kuharsky PM Greetings people. I know you cant base everything off his last game but he does seem to get better and better. Stop the run game that was good last week for the Jets, and force Geno to stay in the pocket and beat them with his arm repetitively?

In media chat, mike vrabel hits on some of #titans' unseen people

Want to thank you for the excellent content on your periodic podcasts. Paul Kuharsky PM Seattle road trip is always tiring but fun. Thought I'd lob the softball if you'd like to point it out again. But he's faced tough people too, and slowing J. Paul Kuharsky PM I'm not a news chaser as much as I am someone who can quickly tell you what the chah means.

Mahomes’ feet, arm lift chiefs to super bowl over titans | chat news today

Blueman Indy What fitans the biggest thing the Jets do on defense that will give the Titans the biggest problem? Paul Kuharsky PM He's been good, particularly when on the move. Paul Kuharsky PM Still frosty for titans chat. It turns out Kuhr was hired to replace Matt Pees, the quality control coach who left the team after two years along when his dad, Dean Pees, retired as defensive coordinator. But we saw plenty of Zach Brown and Mike Martin last season. I appreciate the effort by everybody.

You need a quarterback who can make all the throws when needed and not turn the ball over.

The backup tackle is the only offensive lineman since with two TDs receiving in a season. Two plays later, Henry scored.