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Us visa for thai girlfriend

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Us visa for thai girlfriend

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Thailand is not a visa waiver country. US Business Visa Thailand B1 If the purpose for your planned travel is to consult with potential business partners, travel for an investigation of new business le, education endeavors, professional or business seminars, attend a conference, or negotiate a business deal, then a business B1 visitor visa would be the appropriate type of visa for your travel. US Business visa applicants from Thailand have a high percentage of approval rate if you will show the proper supporting documents such as the Thai company registration, corporate tax receipts, VAT receipts, Thai employee social insurance payments, Thai bank statements for the last 3 years, loans by the company, listing of business assets and the need for the applicant to attend to the business matter in the US. US Tourist Visa Thailand B2 If the purpose of your planned travel is for a holiday or vacation, including tourism, sightseeing, visits with friends or family, relaxation, hospital treatment, and activities of a social or service nature, then a visitor visa B2 would be the appropriate type of visa for entry into the United Gilfriend. Each entry into the United States, the B2 visa holder may be given an authorized period of stay for up to six girldriend. Applying for a Thai girlfriend to travel to the US for a short holiday to meet your friends and family will prove to be a difficult process.

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Passport Visas for Thai Girlfriends The difficulty or ease of getting a travel visa for a Thai lady to country varies greatly from country to country.

Fiancé(e) visa | u.s. embassy & consulate in thailand

If she fpr marry, they file for an adjustment of status, authorization to work, and advanced parole. US visa for Thai girlfriend from Thailand to the America. Don't get into human trafficking. Also, it is important to know that you have strong ties in Thailand such as employment, property and assets and family who is depending on you.

During his last few months in office, President Clinton ed the law creating the K3 visa.

It is worth noting that if the marriage of the couple does not take place within the 90 day time-frame, the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act, allows a U. If approved, vissa INS will send you a I approval form and forward your petition to the embassy in the country your finance lives. The primary focus of the petition is to prove support and that there is a valid relationship.

When the foreign fiancee or girlfriend appears at the US Embassy for a tourist visa interview, the counselor officer will deny the visa. Highly educated people who have a high tech skill in short supply relative to demand in another country can often get a visa and work permit.

The interviewing officer will assume that the applicant will stay in the US and not return to Thailand. Prior to passage of this Act foreign nationals arriving at US port-of-entries under suspicion of visa-fraud were guaranteed a hearing by an Immigration Judge, who retained sole authority to make a reasoned determination based on consideration of complex facts and legal judgments.

You may opt to collect your passport at a post office or have your passport with the visa mailed to your home address. Obviously, having a partner or spouse who is a US citizen living in the US would not help you with this process. This delays the process by weeks.

A us tourist visa for thai girlfriend? | us visa immigration in thailand

I have not yet had the time to address the issue in regard to any countries other than my own, the U. How much money do I need to show for a US tourist visa? Normal processing time is 6 months.

If international travel were free, then the rich countries would soon be overrun by people from less developed countries. If you're legally married in Thailand, i. If she admits having working there, she is denied. If there's no corresponding visa stamp essentially an approvalthen a subsequent officer will probably take note and read between the lines -- a rejection.

Some consular officers will extend the time if given a good enough reason. You can take lots of photos, which can help your chances in getting another kind of travel visa, but it's not the same as a registered marriage. A marriage in Thailand is recognized in the U. Again, the USCIS will not appreciate that the marriage occurred on B2 visa and will extensively question the couple as to their original intentions when the partner entered the country.

Fiancé(e) visa

Despite this requirement to have met before in person, some critics of the K1 visa believe it opens the door to possible marriage fraud by providing an opportunity for American citizens to marry a foreign national after only a brief trip and without making the extra effort to actually leave the country and marry abroad. Of course, her circumstances are unique and she may be able to provide enough proof to convince the visa officer that she will return to Thailand.

This, they argue, raises questions about the legitimacy of K1 Visa relationships that may be manipulated by some who see it simply as a route to gain long term U. When the time comes for the visa holder to extend the visa or adjust status applying for a green card serious legal problems can arise. The foreign beneficiary of the visa is required to undergo an approved medical examination before the visa is issued to rule out communicable diseases or physical or uw disorders that are deemed a threat to property, safety or welfare.

Virlfriend is a short-term, single entry 90 day visa issued only from U.

Tourist visas for thai fiancées and thai girlfriends: the possibility of expedited removal

Financial or bank statements to prove you have the finances to stay in the US Compelling social and economic ties to Thailand such as Family, job contract, lease contract, or property deed, which prove you will return. Nevertheless, apart from the meeting requirement, the K1 visa application and fpr process involves stringent guidelines that seek to verify the bona fides of each relationship before the K1 visa is issued in Thailand.

The latter is an unfortunate phenomenon called "brain drain", where the most valuable people leave their own country. The interviews do not last long but make sure to answer questions truthfully and disclose all the necessary information to avoid problems later on.

A us tourist visa for thai girlfriend?

What is a K1 Visa? I won't address the moral issues here, which are obvious. With international cooperation on these issues, even if you change passports e. That is usually weeks later. How long does it take to get a US tourist visa from Thailand?

If girflriend girlfriend has a 6th grade Thai government school education, no business of her own, and no assets besides a little farmland in the middle of nowhere with a buffalo, then her chances are often slim. In other words, in order to qualify, you have to convince the US Embassy that your girlfriend has few or no ties to the US and very strong ties to Thailand.

US Tourist Visa Igrlfriend B2 If the purpose of your planned travel is for a holiday or vacation, including tourism, sightseeing, visits with friends or family, relaxation, hospital treatment, and activities of a social or service nature, then a visitor visa B2 would be the appropriate type of visa for entry into the United States. It then took the US Citizenship and Immigration Services and the Department of State 18 months to create the policies, procedures and forms required to implement the K 3 visa for use by American Citizen petitioners.

How can I get a US visa from Thailand? Many US Citizens are not aware of this problem when encouraging their girlfriend to apply for a US tourist girlfriendd.

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